Home Extensions

If you're considering extending your home then this is the place for you... here you'll find a selection of blogs explaining anything and everything to do with house extensions. Resi provides ample information on the three pillars of renovating your home: planning, construction, and finishing touches. If you're looking into completing a house extension but are not sure where to start, our blogs encompass the crucial beginning stages of any renovation process... ensuring that both you and your architect are on the exact same page. An important factor of this relationship will be the ability to stick to design a plan that sticks to a budget in order to keep those dreaded costs down, both when planning your perfect extension and carrying the project out. Whether you're intending to live in your home or sell it on, a great way to decide upon the nature of your project would be to check out our blogs on added value, and by how much various renovations would increase the property resale price. Is a side return or a conservatory better for improving house value? Find out here. Not only does Resi advise on planning, but vital information on the construction process and interior design is also included in our house extension blog section. A home extension is by no means an easy project to undertake, but we're here to help you every step of the way.