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Architects Near Streatham

Looking for architects in Streatham? We're right here. Resi, the UK's first online architects, cover projects throughout the whole of the UK. From Aberdeen to Cornwall, we've worked on over 750 projects in the past 10 years. There is no type of house extension, loft conversion or new development that we haven't advised or designed.

We know how it goes, you’ve decided to embark on some home improvement but already your heart is sinking as you try and navigate designs, surveys and planning permissions. With Resi you can avoid industry headaches. Our streamlined process uses the latest technology to get you talking to an architect faster than ever. No lurking costs or hidden fees. Just well made plans.

It only takes a few minutes to get in touch and our team will take it from there. We use a unique system to help us gather important data on your building. From this point, our design team will step in to help breathe life into your project. However, there’s no month-long waits here. At Resi, we aim to get you seeing results within 72 hours - why not try us for yourself?

Rich nick

Very helpful

In terms of input and advice, as well as being cost effective and explaining how the end to end process work.

Alexander Ell


Really excellent

Incredibly efficient, clear and responsive communication, together with very accurate drawings.

Elliott Richmond


A really good service

I enjoyed working with Resi who are offering something quite unique in the marketplace.

Simon Greenland


Full Understanding

They were professional, quick to respond and allowed me to put in a few revisions to the designs without further cost.

Gabriel Edwards

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