Interior Refurbishment

Lawful development certificate

Devonshire 19

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Located in the up and coming neighbourhood of Forest Hill, this renovation demonstrates that being smart with your money doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality. For the first stage of the renovation, we opened up their ground floor space, creating an open-plan layout for both their kitchen, dining room, and living area. But there’s more to this space than meets the eye. Interior fans will admire the concrete floor used throughout, but rather than the real deal, these savvy homeowners have opted for concrete tiles. This slashed the price of flooring in half, and avoided a time consuming process of laying fresh concrete. On top of this, the tiles are easier to heat, meaning no cold feet in the morning.

But this isn’t the only trick they’ve employed. One of the stand out features of this kitchen is easily the wonderful crittall style doors and windows - notice we said 'style'? That’s because this home opted for aluminium frames, rather than steel. Crittall steel is trademarked, and can only be produced by one company, this means premium prices and a long waiting list. By opting for a top notch fake, this kitchen still gets the WOW factor, but without the price tag.

For the rest of home, we helped lay out new floor plans for each level. Moving the bedrooms and main bathroom from the ground floor and up to the top of the house. We added in recessed storage into the showers to save on space, and included a walk in closet for the master bedroom. And finally, for those rainy days, we created two open, yet separate, living areas. Perfect for when these homeowners want to do their own thing to wind down.

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Interior Refurbishment

Location: Forest Hill, SE23

Local Authority: Lewisham

Application Type: Lawful development certificate

Project Completion: 2019

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