New Build Development

Full Planning Permission

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Project Details

This project was brought to us by a developer, who was looking to maximise the returns on a new build. They wanted to build two flats and utilise what is known as ‘air-space’ - the space above an existing building. In this case, the flats would be built on top of the flat roof of a high street bank. The flats would be self-contained, and have two floors. From start to finish, we acted as the agent for this client throughout the planning project. This started with a pre-application, and resulted in the end with full planning permission. As this new build was situated in a heavily built up area, there were a number of planning challenges. The biggest of which was with another construction that was happening next door. In property it is very much first come, first serve, and as this other building was there first, we had to make concessions in our build for them. This involved standard neighbour concerns, such as the placement of windows, views, and how our construction might affect their access to natural daylight.

In terms of the actual home design, the client was keen for us to remain within a very strict budget. At Resi, we offer budget consulting throughout, so were able to foresee future costs and plan what should be spent, and where. Therefore, we knew exactly how to put their money to good use, creating spaces that were economical but still with a spacious and modern feel that would ultimately lure in future buyers. Each flat benefited from two spacious double bedrooms, plus bathroom. We focused on a neutral design, with lots of warm tones, and clean lines. Allowing buyers to truly shape these spaces to their own needs. We also included double glazing, and plenty of natural light. To keep that brightness all year round, we strategically placed LED lights through the home, and even installed further lighting within the kitchen fittings. The hardwood floors not allow for easy maintenance, they also give these flats that cosy touch.

Shortly after completing construction, both these flats were successfully sold, giving the developer the returns they were looking for. This project demonstrates that even when starting from scratch, there’s no better investment than going with Resi design.

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New Build Development

Location: Rickmansworth, WD3

Local Authority: Three Rivers Council

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Project Completion: 2015

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