Perry Vale

Ground Floor Side And Rear Extension

Our client came to Resi looking for a way to improve their ground floor maisonette. They let us know that food and cooking were important in their life, so we designed an open plan kitchen and dining area that Gordon Ramsey would be jealous of. Not only this but, as a result of the new space, an extra bedroom was able to be added... just in case Gordon actually did want to check it out.

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Meet Richard, the Lead Designer

This project was an interesting one for me, as our client had many pre-conceived proposals, but was looking for lots of architectural advice on how they would go about carrying these out in reality. They were looking to reposition their bathroom, but were not entirely sure what the best arrangement for this would be. Their main request was a large, open plan kitchen, with lots of natural light. All of this was to be carried out in accordance with a contemporary style.


I decided that the best place for the bathroom was in the centre of the home, which meant it was close to the bedrooms but did not take up too much kitchen space. I managed to fit in a toilet, bath, and shower, as per the clients requests. Towards the rear I removed internal walls to create a spacious and open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. Because our client specified that they spent so much time in the garden, we wanted to create a seamless transition between outside and in. That’s why I thought it was best to install floor to ceiling glass doors, plus a little window seat in the living area. This allowed for even more natural light, while being a nice contemporary touch.

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