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A interactive process guide from start to finish

05.1 on site involvement

Consider On Site Involvement

Considering the complexities of the project, the detail produced by your design team, the contractors you’ve chosen and how involved you want to be in the day-to-day of building.

You may want to consider hiring a project manager to handle this.

05.2 agree contract

Agree Contract Terms

Once you’ve decided on your approach to the project, and decided if you’re intending to appoint a project manager or not, an appropriate contract should be put in place.

A standard approach would be to use one of the ‘JCT’ contracts, which are available to everyone. A professional should prepare this for you.

05.3 discuss finance

Discuss Finances

As part of the negotiation, you/your contractor should agree on costs, payment methods and ensure that all parties are protected. There are a range of options available, which include: a deposit payment and weekly payments, valuations, milestones and more.

You should always agree on a retention sum which will be released upon practical completion, i.e. sign off in accordance with the building regulations and snagging.

A tip here is that there is likely to be movement as the building/extension starts to settle and adapt to the environment. You should always keep a sum of money back to cover yourself and to incentivise the builders to return to and finish everything off.

05.4 check insurance

Check Insurance

Don’t forget to ask for copies of insurance documents from the contractors.

05.5 commence with work

Commence With Works

Hooray! On-site work can now start. Make sure you/your architect meets with the contractor regularly and records all conversations/makes notes. Organisation is the key to a successful project.

05.6 quality control

Quality Control

Whether you appoint a professional to complete this for you or decide to complete it yourself, the construction process should be carefully monitored for quality.

05 construction

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