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Understanding the…

Larger Home Extension Scheme

Otherwise known as the Neighbourhood Consultation Scheme, a new policy change has now made this scheme permanent.

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Understanding the…

Larger Home Extension Scheme

Otherwise known as the Neighbourhood Consultation Scheme, a new policy change has now made this scheme permanent.

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Larger Home Extension Scheme

This method of planning, introduced in 2012, allows homeowners to build large rear extensions without the need for planning permission.

Created specifically for those wishing to extend the rear of their property, this scheme was originally set to expire in May 2019. Due to its popularity, it has now been made permanent.

Under this scheme, you can extend your home by up to 8 metres (if detached) or 6 metres (other home types). This is double what could be achieved under your Permitted Development Rights, and will not require planning permission. However, you will need approval from any affected neighbours before building can commence, as well as approval from the local authority, who will issue a Lawful Development Certificate at the end of the process.

Now for Resi to come in. Like traditional architecture practices, we have an incredible team of designers ready to prepare your drawings. Not only this, our in-house planning team are able to submit your application on your behalf, liaising with the local authority throughout. This ensures you have both great design, and the best chance of first time approval.

Larger home extension scheme

Looking to extend?

What options are available to homeowners looking to extend?

Extend 6 8

Larger home extension scheme

Take advantage of this new form of planning.
  • Can extend up to 6-8 metres
  • Need consent from neighbours to construct
  • Design must follow strict guidelines
  • No need for planning permission
  • Only applies to single-storey rear extensions
  • Takes longer than other planning to obtain
Extend 3 4

Permitted development rights

Another scheme that allows smaller extensions to bypass planning permission.
  • Can extend up to 3-4 metres
  • Guaranteed approval if guidelines are met
  • Though requirements come with restrictions
  • Covers conversions and extensions
  • Does not apply to flats or maisonettes
  • Does not apply to homes within conservation areas
Planning applications darker

Planning approval

The traditional way to get approval from your local authority.
  • More freedom with design
  • Can be used for all home types and projects
  • Lasts up to three years
  • Securing this alone can increase the value of your home
  • No guarantee approval will be given
  • Some local authorities are more generous than others

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