Understanding the…


We’ll bring your project to life and manage your
planning application, from £720

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Understanding the…


We’ll bring your project to life and manage your
planning application, from £720

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Are you ready to begin your home transformation journey? Then this is the place to start.

Through our online Dashboard, we’ll guide you through each step of the process, as your designer packages up your ideas into a set of architectural drawings. We’ll then pass you over to our planning team, who will act as your agent, and give you the best chance of first time approval.

At Resi, we’ve helped over 500 homeowners secure planning approval. Whether through a full planning application, or by using your permitted development rights, we’ve got all the expertise you’ll need!

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What's Included?


Your Dashboard

Access to our unique online customer dashboard to track the progress of your project

Project brief

Project Brief

This simple questionnaire gathers your project requirements for our achitects

2 d floorplan

Existing Designs

We’ll draw up your existing layout in 2D floorplans & elevations

Home design

Proposed Designs

We’ll work with you to create 2D floorplans & elevations of your new designs

Planning applications

Planning Submission

We’ll submit your planning application and act as your agent through this process

Project guidance

Project Guidance

Expert advice, estimations & connections with suppliers to achieve your dream

This package comes with one free set of revisions to your drawings. Additional sets of revisions can be purchased if required.
What you’ll need: Drawings of your home as it stands today. If you don’t have any of these, we can carry out a measured survey, starting from £350.
Concept package

Your Dashboard

The minute you sign up to Resi, you have access to our unique online Dashboard.

This platform not only allows you to make payments, but also lets you project manage everything from one easy to use place. Here you’ll be able to upload your existing drawings, giving our designers the starting blocks they need to get brainstorming.

Project Brief Questionnaire

This questionnaire lets you tell us more about your home, and give details about what you’re looking to get out of your design.

If you would like to discuss your ideas with our team, you can fill your brief out before your free consultation. Our consultation team will then be able to advise on your goals, and pass the points raised over to our design team.

Project brief questionnaire
Existing designs example

Existing Floorplans & Elevations

Using a combination of the existing drawings you’ve provided, plus information we’re able to gather from your local authority, we’ll map out the current floor plans and elevations of your home as it stands today.

These architectural drawings will not only help inform our own designs, but are a vital component for planning applications. They can also be used by other professionals down the line, saving them time, and you money.

Proposed Designs

With your home mapped out, it’s time to design your new space. You and your architect will go through your brief, then they’ll put together the first draft of your architectural drawings. In order to be submitted for planning, these drawings will include: floor plans, elevations, a site plan, and a roof plan.

Once ready, your architect will arrange a time to walk you through the designs and you’ll have the chance to suggest any revisions. The first round of revisions are on us, so don’t hold back.

Proposed designs example
Planning approved

Planning Submission

Using your feedback, your designer will then finalise your designs and package them up, ready for planning.

You’ll then be handed over to one of our in-house planning officers. They’ll not only help submit your application, but liaise with your local planning authority on your behalf, sparing you the nitty gritty headaches that come with this 8 week long process. All you’ll have to do is pay the initial application fee!

Our Best-loved Package

Most Resi customers opt for our Planning Package, to take them painlessly and affordably through the design and planning application process.

Importantly, the 2D floorplans provided in the Planning Package won’t be suitable for construction purposes - a far greater level of detail is required for these, that can be found in our Building Regulations package (see below).

This package also doesn’t include a home visit. This will not affect the quality of the designs produced, but will provide you with a quicker, more cost effective service.

Permitted development

Planning Package - Sounds good to you?

Next steps

Next Steps

Planning is secured, get ready for the build!

Building Regulations drawings are a statutory requirement all buildings must meet in order to create a safe and healthy environment to inhabit.

These drawings detail the materials, junctions and load-bearing requirements of your proposed design, from which builders can provide accurate quotes for work, and they can be used to build from.

Because of the level of technical detail required, and number of professionals involved, it’s best to wait until you’ve received planning approval before starting these.

Our Packages

Simple and transparent pricing with a moneyback guarantee




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Ideal for exploring the possibilities for development.




View Package

Ideal for permitted development and planning application support, where you can supply existing drawings of the property.

Planning & Survey



View Package

Includes an on-site measured survey. Suitable for projects with no existing drawings available.

Building Regulations



View Package

Detailed drawings for the purposes of securing building control approval.

Add 3D Renders for £540

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