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Understanding the…

3D Visualisation

Take a ‘walk’ through your completed building project,
with options available from £150

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3 d visualisation

Understanding the…

3D Visualisation

Take a ‘walk’ through your completed building project,
with options available from £150

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We have a number of options available for customers who would like to visualise what the end result will look like.

Our most cost effective offering is a 3D Interactive Model for just £150 per floor.

For customers that desire more detailed renders of their finished product, we can provide high-fidelity, textured and decorated images of how their completed project could look. It costs from £540 for the creation of the advanced 3D model, including one internal and one external high-fidelity 3D image (shown right). Additional images can be ordered for £75 each.

Check out an example 3D Interactive Model below:

3 d visualisation 1

Check out an example 3D Interactive Model below:

What's Included?

The starting point for the 3D Package is either the 3D Interactive Model, or
Advanced 3D Version (from which the 3D Rendered Images can be generated)

Option 1: £150

Interactive 3 d model

3D Interactive

Our most cost-effective option, a model to ‘walk-through’ and better understand what your completed space will look like

Option 2: £540

Advanced 3 d visualisation 3 d render

Advanced 3D Model and 2 x 3D Rendered Images

A bespoke high-fidelity model with texture & lighting, from which we render 1 x internal and 1 x external high quality image

Option 2 Add-on: £75

3 d render additional

Additional 3D Rendered Images

Further high quality, decorated images can be taken from your model for an additional charge for any number of rooms/views

What you’ll need: Resi customers can purchase 3D Packages at any point. New customers would require architectural grade 2D drawings of their property to produce these models (A Resi Measured Survey can be purchased to provide this).

Concept package

Your Dashboard

The minute you sign up to Resi, you have access to our unique online Dashboard.

This platform not only allows you to make payments, but also lets you project manage everything from one easy to use place. Here you’ll be able to upload your existing drawings, giving our designers the starting blocks they need to get brainstorming.

3D Interactive Model

We can generate an interactive 3D model in just 24 hours, to quickly get a sense of the space before committing to design choices.

This simple walk-through model can be used to move through the space from a first-person perspective to see how your decisions could take form, and often give a much greater sense of scale than a 2D drawing.

3 d visualisation 2
3 d visualisation 3

Advanced 3D Model

At a slightly increased cost, we can produce an incredibly-high fidelity 3D model of your new space, complete with lighting (both natural and fixtures), finishing of walls/flooring and furniture to your taste.

This advanced model allows us to extract high quality rendered images of your new space.

Internal 3D Rendered Images

Want to see what your new rooms will look like when they’re finished? From your Advanced 3D Model, we can take any number of internal rendered images, to offer you a unique glimpse at how the new space will perform once complete.

These are ideal for sharing with contractors and interior designers, to communicate your dream for the space beyond just the bricks and mortar.

3 d visualisation 4
3 d visualisation 5

External 3D Rendered Images

As with the internal rendered images, we can also produce high-quality images of the new external form of your home.

These are particularly helpful when showing neighbours how your finished space will appear, and can enhance your chances of a positive planning outcome when submitting for planning.

The Perfect Add-on

Our 3D Packages are a great way to preview your project before the building work begins.

Experience new room configurations by walking through the space, and understand how your design decisions will come to life. Then, when you’re happy with the direction, fully imagine the finish product with a set of high-quality rendered images to share with friends, family and neighbours alike.

These options are incredibly useful if you find it difficult to visualise the potential of a space.

3 d visualisation 6

Our Packages




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Ideal for exploring the possibilities for development.




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Ideal for permitted development and planning application support, where you can supply existing drawings of the property.

Planning & Survey



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Includes an on-site measured survey. Suitable for projects with no existing drawings available.

Building Regulations



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Detailed drawings for the purposes of securing building control approval.

Add 3D Renders for £540

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