About us

About us

Resi may have started small, but we’ve quickly risen to become the UK’s leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners.

About us
About us

About us

Resi may have started small, but we’ve quickly risen to become the UK’s leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners.

Jules and alex

Jules & Alex

co-founded a home-cleaner-booking business called hassle.com in 2013, and took the company from a kitchen-table idea to a team of 70 full time employees in just 12 months.

With branches in France and Ireland, the business was acquired in 2015 and the best friends were awarded MBEs for their services to the tech industry.

Stylised case study

In 2016...

our co-founder, Alex, wanted to add a simple side return extension to her home. Three months later, she found herself £2,500 lighter with nothing on paper.

Thousands of homeowners and developers all over the UK are facing this same struggle. Having never used an architect before, they are left baffled by confusing prices and processes that seem to yield little or no result. Because of this, some choose to avoid architects altogether, leaving them vulnerable to cowboy design and build companies.

Seeing an opportunity to change things, Alex enlisted Jules to help come up with a solution. Together, they envisioned a new way of doing things. A platform that would open up affordable, fast, high-quality architectural services for every UK home.

Stylised case study

Nick & Rich...

had spent over 10 years running a successful residential architectural practice, and were brought in by Alex to help complete her home redesign project.

Meeting Jules and Alex, Rich and Nick felt they could complete the perfect crossover between industry knowledge and the ability to use technology to simplify the process. Combining their expertise, our four founders created Resi - an architectural practice designed for everyday homeowners.

No more confusing jargon. No hidden fees. No more delays.

And how we’ve grown since!

Resi may have started with Alex, Jules, Rich and Nick, but it has quickly grown to a larger band of hardworking talented professionals based in Brixton, London.

The team covers all aspects of the business from design, engineering, marketing, customer service and of course architecture. Together we believe that everyone deserves to create their own happy space. What our founders started, our ever-growing team helps expand.

James wells

James Wells

Chief Operating Officer

Will benton diggins

Will Benton-Diggins


Heather shaw

Heather Shaw


Rushal ahmed

Rushal Ahmed


Alex penny

Alex Penny


Lewis brown

Lewis Brown


Matthew jones

Matthew Jones


Lisa westmacott

Lisa Westmacott


Jack brigden

Jack Brigden


Laura perkins

Laura Perkins


Alex yates round

Alex Yates-Round


David durban

David Durban


Daniel fabregas

Daniel Fabregas


Alex reeves

Alex Reeves


Harriet lea

Harriet Lea


Nick stockley

Nick Stockley

Architectural Design

Richard morgan

Richard Morgan

Architectural Design

Dharmisha vekaria

Dharmisha Vekaria

Architectural Design

Ak dantes

AK Dantes

Architectural Design

Linda garandeau

Linda Garandeau

Architectural Design

Diego sebastian

Diego Sebastian

Architectural Design

Jason men

Jason Men

Architectural Design

Katie bennett

Katie Bennett

Architectural Design

Leonardo ilari

Leonardo Ilari

Architectural Design

Thomas mckinna

Thomas McKinna

Architectural Design

Oliver clark

Oliver Clark

Architectural Design

Tina papanikolaou

Tina Papanikolaou

Architectural Design

Karyna enahoro

Karyna Enahoro

Architectural Design

Connor mccarron

Connor McCarron

Architectural Design

Michele coato

Michele Coato

Architectural Design

Sade akinsanya

Sade Akinsanya

Architectural Design

Marcus hirst

Marcus Hirst

Building Regulations

Sabatino torchitti

Sabatino Torchitti

Building Regulations

Luiza bravo

Luiza Bravo

Building Regulations

Kamelya kerum

Kamelya Kerum

Building Regulations

Nuno lopes

Nuno Lopes

Building Regulations

Dana schrenck

Dana Schrenck

Building Regulations

Mark hood

Mark Hood

New Builds

Antoinne edghill

Antoinne Edghill

New Builds

Jake magowan

Jake Magowan


Zara rashid

Zara Rashid


Alberto ochoa

Alberto Ochoa


Jorge dores

Jorge Dores


Chiara ermini

Chiara Ermini


Sami khayat

Sami Khayat


Kirsty kenney

Kirsty Kenney

Special Projects

Dave cockle

Dave Cockle


Sean fox

Sean Fox


Tom dove

Tom Dove



Join The Resi Team!

We’re always looking for talented architects, aspiring sales consultants and tech wizards.

If you’d like to work for the UK’s fastest-growing architectural start-up, with incredible benefits, check out our Jobs Board - there are always roles on offer.

Phone: +44203 868 9453 | Email: advice@resi.co.uk

Resi Design Ltd. trading as 'Resi' | Company No: 10471125

We are proud to employ architects registered with the Architects Registration Board and were awarded the mark for The Mayor's Good Work Standard for fair pay & conditions, wellbeing, skills, progression, diversity and recruitment.

Resi Finance Ltd is an appointed representative of Mortgage Advice Bureau Limited and Mortgage Advice Bureau (Derby) Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Resi Finance Ltd. Registered Office: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. Registered in England Number: 12327535