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The UK’s leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners

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The UK’s leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners

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Great architecture
for the nation’s homes

We make it easier than ever to access
quality design.

Like traditional architecture practices, we have an incredible team of designers ready to prepare drawings, secure planning permission, and handle building regulations - to name just a few of our services. But this is just the start!

Our unique platform lets you manage everything online. You can collect documents, review designs, and even share your favourite Pinterest boards. All the while being able to message our team when you need them most.

No matter the size of your project, or where you’re starting out, Resi has everything you need to unlock your home’s potential.


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We offer free 30 minute consultations to help you with your project.
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What Resi does...

Everything you need to build your happy space

Home design

Home design

Our skilled designers work with you to produce architectural drawings of your future home.
Planning applications

Planning applications

We’ll package up your designs and act as your planning agent to get approval from your local authority.
Building regulations

Building regulations

Before you get constructing, we’ll produce technical drawings so your home is safe and legal going forward.
Supplier connect

Supplier connect

We introduce you to the best professionals in your area, meaning you’re in safe hands for the rest of your project.

Why choose Resi?

Expect more from your architecture practice

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More experience

More experience

We’ve helped more homeowners than anyone else, with over 900 happy clients nationwide in the last 12 months.
Better communication

Better communication

You can reach our team at anytime through our platform, and your designated architect will design your project with you via live screen-share.
Complete control

Complete control

Manage everything in a user-friendly Dashboard. No more lost forms or confusing paperwork, and all your drawings downloadable at any time.

Looking to improve your home?

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Two storey

Two Storey



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In the last 30 days we’ve received 102 positive planning outcomes,

bringing us to 772 positive planning outcomes over the past year, for homeowners all over the UK

Understanding the Resi process

A step by step guide to creating your happy space


Get your quote

Book a free consultation with our team and we’ll put together a fee proposal perfectly tailored to your home.
Measured survey

Measured Survey

Our team visits your home to get the existing measurements of your home as it stands today.
Proposed design

Proposed Design

See your project come to life as we establish what your future space will look like.

Planning Support

We manage your planning process, giving you the best chance of approval first time round.
Building regs

Building Regulations

These highly detailed drawings ensure your building will be safe and legal when constructed.


We find the best professionals near you, so you’re in safe hands throughout the rest of your project.
Don’t worry if you’re a step or two ahead of us. No matter where you are in your home journey, we can tailor our services to your project.
Science of a happy home

The Science of a Happy Home

We're embarking on an ambitious research project to uncover the secret to a happy home, and to do this, we need your help!

Happy Customers

Don't just take our word for it

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Would happily recommend them to family and friends
We have been really happy with Resi. We are undertaking a single storey extension and loft conversion, which we are project managing ourselves, and Resi have been our favourite consultants to deal with...
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Mary Watt
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
We are really impressed
We are really impressed with the design of our planned building project. I hope that the rest of the build goes as smoothly as this part of the process. Resi were great, Maeve the architect listened carefully to...
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Liz D.
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Can't recommend Resi enough
It's been so easy to work with the team - from my initial call to better understand how they work through to design and now planning stages. I had a couple of consultations with architects…
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Kaila Yates
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Would highly recommend this company
I worked with Alessio on our planning application for our rear extension, found the the process straightforward. Alessio was able to take our idea's and design preferences on board very well and used...
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Sarah Boothe
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Good professional service
Very fast turnaround on all actions and requests for further information. Have been using for about 4 months on an extension project and they have impressed me with their speed. The portal works well...
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David Choi
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Very happy with the service
They kept me informed at every stage of the proceeds. Very clear communication via their communication Portal application. They even managed to get the planning permission for 4 meter…
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Pravin Shetty
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Would highly recommend using them to anyone
Very impressed with the service and the attention to detail to my requirements. the team were very polite and always delivered all there responses on time as discussed would highly recommend using them to anyone.
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Steve Bowman
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Online platform is very good
So far so good!, our first attempt to obtain planning for extension and loft conversion, Resi is currently hand-holding us through process , impressed with ease of communication , it's very slick and we feel a lot calmer than we did before...
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Paul W.
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Architectural drawings were just amazing
The planning permission (1st of that kind on my neighbourhood) for the extension of my house was accepted! :) Alberto was always very helpful, patient (I can be very annoying and stressed!) and professional…
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Luisa Wolf
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Extremely helpful
I have had great pleasure working with Resi (previously known as BuildPath) and their very experienced staff. I worked with Oliver with whom I have received complete satisfaction and confidence with. He started from scratch with my project of a double...
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Dharam Varia
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Fantastic from start to finish
Resi have been fantastic from start to finish with our recent plans for our low level, flat roof wrap extension. From initial phone consultation through to final drawings they have really supported me with the visions and possibilities for our project…
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Jonny Rich

Our Packages




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Ideal for exploring the possibilities for development.




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Ideal for permitted development and planning application support, where you can supply existing drawings of the property.

Planning & Survey



View Package

Includes an on-site measured survey. Suitable for projects with no existing drawings available.

Building Regulations



View Package

Detailed drawings for the purposes of securing building control approval.

Add 3D Renders for £540

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Not sure where to begin?

For help on everything you need to know about improving your home.

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Resi personal touch

A truly personal experience

By working online, we’re able to bring you closer than ever to our experts, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to delayed meetings and missed calls - with our online messaging feature, you can reach your designated design team when you need them most.

Meet the team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just use a local architect?

There are many ways in which Resi stands out from the crowd, especially when compared to your standard local architect. Here’s just some of the ways we’re a cut above the rest…

Team size

Many local architectural firms are made up of just one or two designers, meaning they’re often at risk of spiralling work loads, should one project run into any trouble. This means you’re own home could be subject to delays and missed deadlines.

At Resi, we have over twenty designers, surveyors, and technicians on board to help make sure you get the personal care you need. You’re assigned designer also then enjoys having a supportive team by their side, meaning you benefit from the experience only dozens of experts can provide.


When it comes to your home, you want someone who has been there and done that. This means hiring an architect with a large body of previous work. While local architects typical only take on around 10-20 projects a year, at Resi we’ve handled over 900 in less than 2 years. So we know the ins and outs of planning, and Britain’s unique housing stock.


One of the things we hear most from prospective customers is 'if I go with a local architect, they’ll be there for me more'.

And it’s true, your local architect will come to your house and meet over tea in your kitchen. But what comes after that? There will be missed calls, weeks in between your next meeting, and when a new customer pops up, their attention can quickly become divided.

Our online dashboard allows our customers to communicate with their architect whenever they need us - thanks to our messaging feature. Not only that, we’re able to skip delayed meetings and share results in record time by walking customers through their projects with our screen-share. Though we are able to meet our customers face to face, our online platform means those customers who want a faster service can start seeing results the moment they click ‘confirm’.

Why would I use Resi?

We recommend using our services if you’re looking at any home design projects, such as: conversion, extension, or new build.

Having an architect on board has a number of benefits.

  1. Better design
  2. Better utilisation of space
  3. Increased chance of planning approval
  4. More protection from bad practises

To name just a few!

Every year thousands of homeowners face disaster from the unregulated practises, misleading advice, hidden third parties, and cowboy contractors. Only architects, held to a strict code of practise, can provide great, safe design. Unfortunately, many people are put off from architects because of its elitist reputation, confusing processes, and endless jargon.

At Resi, we keep things simple. Our transparent prices mean you’re never sucker punched by hidden fees, while our dashboard keeps you in complete control of your project throughout. You get all this while still getting the great expertise only a team of architects can bring to a project.

How is it possible to deliver your service without visiting my home?

If you have bought or sold in the last 20 years, your floor plans will probably be available from a variety of public sources. Working with these, photos of your home, and a host of other proprietary resources, we can accurately complete 90% of designs remotely. Sometimes we may ask you to cross check measurements using a tape measure. When this is necessary we will guide you through this exercise.

All of the case studies that can be viewed on our website have been produced without the need for a site visit.

For the 10% of homes where a site visit is necessary, our trusted team of surveyors will come to your home and complete a measured survey. This will incur an additional fee and will be discussed with you during the consultation.

What does Resi offer?

Resi brings together all the architectural services you’ll need to get ready to build.

These include…

  1. Measured surveys
  2. Home design
  3. 3D models and interactive walkthroughs
  4. Planning submission
  5. Party wall surveys
  6. Structural engineering
  7. Building regulations

Plus our connect service will put you in touch with the best local contractors and suppliers in your area, so you can move into the construction phase in a safe pair of hands.

We’re the perfect starting point for any homeowner looking to dramatically transform their property. Taking you step by step through all the nitty gritty of planning, while still allowing you the freedom to design a space perfectly suited to your home’s needs.

All this is facilitated by our online platform, which allows you to manage everything in one easy to use place. You’ll be able to submit your home details, view perspective designs, and chat to your architect - all from the from comfort of your own home.

Put simply: Resi offers all the benefits of architecture, with none of the headaches.

Can Resi produce a variety of options for my extension?


The majority of our clients want to see the simplest, quickest and most cost effective solution for creating more space in their chosen area of their home. However, we are also able to produce what we refer to as the 'art of the possible'; taking you from simple to grand and everything in between. 

Just mention that you would like us to think boldly about your space when you discuss your extension during your initial consultation. 

Can I trust you? Are you qualified?

Although we’re online, we’re not robots, and you’ll be speaking with us directly from the moment you make an enquiry. We also offer an onsite measured survey/consultation service, if this is preferred. 

We’ve got qualifications, expertise and a long track record of happy customers. We have a number of ARB and RIBA registered architects working at Resi, along with architectural technologists and surveyors, so your project is in safe hands.

Collectively we've completed over 750 residential extensions and renovations across the whole of the UK. You can learn more about our founders here.

What information do I need to provide for you to start work on my extension?

As soon as you sign up to Resi we will walk you through our easy-to-follow process.

We’ll ask you for:

  1. Your name, contact details and the address of the property in question
  2. Basic information about the property
  3. Your preferred style, estimated budget and a brief description of what you are looking to achieve
  4. Your expectations on timings
  5. Uploads of floor plans, inspiration or existing photos of the property (all optional)

We will always let you know if we require further information before we start drawing.

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We are proud to employ architects registered with the Architects Registration Board AND WERE AWARDED THE MARK FOR THE MAYOR'S GOOD WORK STANDARD FOR fair pay & conditions, wellbeing, skills, progression, diversity and recruitment.


We are proud to employ architects registered with the Architects Registration Board AND WERE AWARDED THE MARK FOR THE MAYOR'S GOOD WORK STANDARD FOR fair pay & conditions, wellbeing, skills, progression, diversity and recruitment.

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