Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to some of the most common questions we hear.


Can you complete plans for new builds?

We are currently unable to take on new build projects but hope to do so in the future. For further updates, subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I request additional renders/perspectives?

Yes. Each additional render is £75+VAT.

Do I require planning permission for my project?

Not necessarily. 

The team at Resi can help you determine if your plans fall under something called 'permitted development'. If they don't, you’ll need to apply for planning permission. 

Under UK planning policy you are able to build on your property without planning permission if the proposed development falls under certain rules. For more information, see our comprehensive guide to permitted development rights here.

Even if you can build under permitted development, we still advise that you apply for a lawful development certificate. This will cost £103 and we are happy to submit an application for this on your behalf.

Is the work that Resi completes insured?

Yes. We carry professional indemnity insurance with a limit of £2m.

Why don't I just use a local architect?

There are many ways in which Resi stands out from the crowd, especially when compared to your standard local architect. Here’s just some of the ways we’re a cut above the rest…

Team size

Many local architectural firms are made up of just one or two designers, meaning they’re often at risk of spiralling work loads, should one project run into any trouble. This means you’re own home could be subject to delays and missed deadlines.

At Resi, we have over twenty designers, surveyors, and technicians on board to help make sure you get the personal care you need. You’re assigned designer also then enjoys having a supportive team by their side, meaning you benefit from the experience only dozens of experts can provide.


When it comes to your home, you want someone who has been there and done that. This means hiring an architect with a large body of previous work. While local architects typical only take on around 10-20 projects a year, at Resi we’ve handled over 900 in less than 2 years. So we know the ins and outs of planning, and Britain’s unique housing stock.


One of the things we hear most from prospective customers is 'if I go with a local architect, they’ll be there for me more'.

And it’s true, your local architect will come to your house and meet over tea in your kitchen. But what comes after that? There will be missed calls, weeks in between your next meeting, and when a new customer pops up, their attention can quickly become divided.

Our online dashboard allows our customers to communicate with their architect whenever they need us - thanks to our messaging feature. Not only that, we’re able to skip delayed meetings and share results in record time by walking customers through their projects with our screen-share. Though we are able to meet our customers face to face, our online platform means those customers who want a faster service can start seeing results the moment they click ‘confirm’.

What are the terms of the Resi (BuildPath at time of promotion) Christmas promotions?

Promo codes are limited to one per individual. Discounts apply to any of the concept, planning or 3D visualisation packages. Discounts do not apply to any measured surveys. Promo codes are not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers. The offer expires on the 10th of January 2018. We can not honour the discount for any quotes issued after this date. Happy Christmas! 

What information do I need to provide for you to start work on my extension?

As soon as you sign up to Resi we will walk you through our easy-to-follow process.

We’ll ask you for:

  1. Your name, contact details and the address of the property in question
  2. Basic information about the property
  3. Your preferred style, estimated budget and a brief description of what you are looking to achieve
  4. Your expectations on timings
  5. Uploads of floor plans, inspiration or existing photos of the property (all optional)

We will always let you know if we require further information before we start drawing.

Where is Resi based?

Our main office is in South West London, but we service all of the UK and Ireland. 

How can you help me sell my property faster?

We can provide you with a glossy brochure that outlines the extensions and space reconfigurations that are possible for your property. This is the best way demonstrate the latent value in the home that you are selling, brought to life through vivid 3D pictures. No imagination necessary!

We have been frequently been successful in helping homeowners who are struggling to receive offers at the price they wanted, or whose homes have been on the housing market for a while. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you would like to see our case studies, or to discuss how we can help you achieve a speedy and successful sale.

What does Resi offer?

Resi brings together all the architectural services you’ll need to get ready to build.

These include…

  1. Measured surveys
  2. Home design
  3. 3D models and interactive walkthroughs
  4. Planning submission
  5. Party wall surveys
  6. Structural engineering
  7. Building regulations

Plus our connect service will put you in touch with the best local contractors and suppliers in your area, so you can move into the construction phase in a safe pair of hands.

We’re the perfect starting point for any homeowner looking to dramatically transform their property. Taking you step by step through all the nitty gritty of planning, while still allowing you the freedom to design a space perfectly suited to your home’s needs.

All this is facilitated by our online platform, which allows you to manage everything in one easy to use place. You’ll be able to submit your home details, view perspective designs, and chat to your architect - all from the from comfort of your own home.

Put simply: Resi offers all the benefits of architecture, with none of the headaches.

Can an estate agent tell me what the value of my property will be after the extension?

Yes. Most estate agents will be able give you a rough idea of what your property might be worth after a project is completed, based on other ‘similar’ properties in the area that have recently sold.

However, they will not be able to provide you with an accurate summary of the cost of your project, what opportunities for future development the property has, or whether your plans are likely to receive planning approval.

Can you support us if we live abroad?

We currently only offer our services in the UK and Ireland and in English. As long as the property you are interested in developing is in the UK or Ireland then it doesn't matter where in the world you are based.

What if I am unhappy with the service or output?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you feel our service has fallen short of your expectations, we encourage you to give us a call or drop us an email.

Can you help me understand how long my building project will take?

Yes. The report included with your plans will outline the key timeframes and milestones. This can be used as a guide to your completing your project.

Do I have to pay for introductions to contractors?

Where we receive a payment for introducing your project to third parties, a sum of money may be paid to us for the introduction. This cost will be not be covered by you as the client.

When do I pay?

Payment can be made once we've issued you a quote. To pay, you'd need to login to your Resi account and make the payment from your dashboard. Some invoices may have a deposit option, allowing you to pay a small % to book in our design time.

Can I trust you? Are you qualified?

Although we’re online, we’re not robots, and you’ll be speaking with us directly from the moment you make an enquiry. We also offer an onsite measured survey/consultation service, if this is preferred. 

We’ve got qualifications, expertise and a long track record of happy customers. We have a number of ARB and RIBA registered architects working at Resi, along with architectural technologists and surveyors, so your project is in safe hands.

Collectively we've completed over 750 residential extensions and renovations across the whole of the UK. You can learn more about our founders here.

Will you take the project forward through planning and assist us with the construction process?

Yes. We are happy to assist you through the planning process. We have comprehensive packages (starting from £700) that include preparation of all the necessary drawings and submission to the council on your behalf.

Post planning, we have a pool of carefully selected professionals, consultants and contractors that we can connect you with to support you through the next steps. If you require assistance with this, let us know.

The report that accompanies your plans will clearly identify the professionals you will need to use in order to deliver your project to completion. 

How is it possible to deliver your service without visiting my home?

If you have bought or sold in the last 20 years, your floor plans will probably be available from a variety of public sources. Working with these, photos of your home, and a host of other proprietary resources, we can accurately complete 90% of designs remotely. Sometimes we may ask you to cross check measurements using a tape measure. When this is necessary we will guide you through this exercise.

All of the case studies that can be viewed on our website have been produced without the need for a site visit.

For the 10% of homes where a site visit is necessary, our trusted team of surveyors will come to your home and complete a measured survey. This will incur an additional fee and will be discussed with you during the consultation.

When would I submit a pre-application to the council?

We may suggest that you apply for a pre-application if your proposed project is contentious or high risk.

This is a low cost exercise as the level of detail that we need to produce is much less than full planning. It gives the council a chance to give feedback on your project and issue guidance on the likelihood of you gaining their approval.

Does Resi also carry out the building works?

No. We do not carry out any building works. We are a design and planning company only. 

However, we do have an extensive network of reliable and trusted partners that we are happy to connect you with.

How much are construction costs?

This depends on complexity of build, materials used and geographic location. Our cost calculator will give you an approximation of construction costs based on national averages.

Planning drawings (which we provide) are the only way for an accurate costing to be carried out. 

What happens if my planning application is refused?

In 99% of refused cases the council will provide you with an explanation. We will analyse the issues that have been raised and advise on solutions to satisfy the council's requests. 

We will then resubmit your application and also alert you at this point if there are any additional costs.

It is not unusual for planning permission applications to be refused, but with proper research and the correct plans and elevations this likelihood can be reduced.

How many revisions to plans are included in my design package?

The pricing for all of our packages includes one full set of revisions. This means you can change as many elements of the design as you wish, but they must all be communicated to us in one batch, rather than drip fed over a period of time. 

We are more than happy to accommodate further revisions until you are happy with your plans. These will be charged at a flat rate of £75 per hour, inclusive of VAT. 

Can you obtain planning permission for my project?

Yes. We will prepare all the necessary information and drawings required for your project and submit your application to your local council as your agent. You will be liable for the fee, which currently stands at £172.

As your agent, we will liaise with the council on your behalf with any queries or requests that they have. 

Can Resi produce a variety of options for my extension?


The majority of our clients want to see the simplest, quickest and most cost effective solution for creating more space in their chosen area of their home. However, we are also able to produce what we refer to as the 'art of the possible'; taking you from simple to grand and everything in between. 

Just mention that you would like us to think boldly about your space when you discuss your extension during your initial consultation. 

What is a measured survey and do I require one?

During a measured survey a surveyor visits your house and uses a laser to capture the dimensions of your room(s). 

Typically a measured survey will cost approximately £350 to £500. There is usually enough information available (including floor plans) for us to skip this step.

If we cannot locate existing floor plans for your home, we will ask you to conduct a cross check survey. We charge £140 for this and will guide you through the process. 

If you are unable to cross check measurements then we will require a full measured survey. We never proceed with creating plans without obtaining accurate information first.

Why would I use Resi?

We recommend using our services if you’re looking at any home design projects, such as: conversion, extension, or new build.

Having an architect on board has a number of benefits.

  1. Better design
  2. Better utilisation of space
  3. Increased chance of planning approval
  4. More protection from bad practises

To name just a few!

Every year thousands of homeowners face disaster from the unregulated practises, misleading advice, hidden third parties, and cowboy contractors. Only architects, held to a strict code of practise, can provide great, safe design. Unfortunately, many people are put off from architects because of its elitist reputation, confusing processes, and endless jargon.

At Resi, we keep things simple. Our transparent prices mean you’re never sucker punched by hidden fees, while our dashboard keeps you in complete control of your project throughout. You get all this while still getting the great expertise only a team of architects can bring to a project.

Who else will be involved if I decide to proceed with a planning application and construction?

Our clients are often surprised at the a number of people involved in even the most basic building project. That’s why we accompany your plans with a detailed report outlining who you should expect to consult during every stage of your build.

Depending on your project, you might need to work with any of the following:

-         An Architect
-         A Structural Engineer
-         Your local council's planning department
-         A Drainage Surveyor
-         Building Control or an Approved Inspector
-         A Party Wall Surveyor
-         Builders
-         Building Control or an Approved Inspector
-         Various Tradesmen

For further information on the end to end process of extending your home and what steps are involved, check out our downloadable information pack.

How much would your project cost to build?

Calculate Construction Cost

We are proud to employ architects registered with the Architects Registration Board AND WERE AWARDED THE MARK FOR THE MAYOR'S GOOD WORK STANDARD FOR fair pay & conditions, wellbeing, skills, progression, diversity and recruitment.


We are proud to employ architects registered with the Architects Registration Board AND WERE AWARDED THE MARK FOR THE MAYOR'S GOOD WORK STANDARD FOR fair pay & conditions, wellbeing, skills, progression, diversity and recruitment.

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