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Resi becomes one of the first 'Good Work Standard' employers in London

When you purchase Resi's services, you can now do so knowing we offer one of the best staff experiences. All in line with the new Good Work Standard.

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This week, Resi is very excited to announce that we’ve been recognised by the Mayor of London as one of the city’s first Mayor’s Good Work Standard employers. We even got to meet the man himself!


This new initiative promises to help make London a better place to work, and even has benefits for our customers. Naturally, you might be wondering: what does this scheme even mean?

Have no fear, here’s all you need to know about this exciting new program...

What is the Mayor’s Good Work Standard?

Put simply, the Mayor’s Good Work Standard wants to create an above and beyond set of standards for all employers in London. This means bringing together the best practices and giving employers the resources they need to meet them.

Why has the Mayor of London created this initiative?

Well, it’s simple. On average, most of us in full time employment spend up to (or more) than 40 hours a week in the workplace. It’s a huge part of our lives and plays a big factor in our well being. By raising the bar on what an employee deserves, you get a population that our happier and healthier, while also more protected from bad practices.

And it’s not only the employees who benefit from this scheme, employers can see big improvements like…

  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best skills and talent
  • Reduced absences and sick leave
  • Higher levels of employee engagement and motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Reputational gain

How is Resi upholding the standard?

In order to qualify for the scheme, an employer must tackle four key points. These are…

Fair pay and conditions

  • All employees must be paid the London Living Wage (including interns).
  • Offer above the statutory paid leave and benefits (maternity, paternity, sick pay etc).
  • Avoid and/or limit the use of non-standard contract workers such as self-employed, zero hour contract and others.
  • Offer financial benefits to support living costs in addition to pay, e.g. staff discounts, advice services, interest free payroll loans such as Tenancy and Childcare Deposit Loans.

Workplace wellbeing

  • Produce a Health and Wellbeing plan for the workforce.
  • Implement collective mechanisms, trade unions and/or staff surveys to obtain workforce feedback on important issues in the company.
  • Make flexible and agile working available for your entire workforce.
  • Encourage active commuting and provide healthy food options.
  • Develop a Mental Health strategy and make training accessible to all people in your workforce.
  • Offer regular or guaranteed working hours in contracts.

Skills and progression

  • Implement a structured programme of learning and training for the entire workforce.
  • Support the progression of women and other under-represented or disadvantaged groups.
  • Offer development opportunities for all staff, including training to company leaders on helping their team reach their full potential.
  • Consult the workforce in the process of job design and workforce planning.

Diversity and recruitment

  • Offer Diversity and Inclusion training for everyone in your workforce.
  • Put in place a zero tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Collect and analyse data to identify ethnicity/BAME and disability pay gaps.
  • Report and publish those gender pay gap reports, even if not legally required.

Learn more about the requirements of becoming part of the Mayor’s Good Work Standard.

What does this mean for our customers?

As you can see, getting on this scheme is no small feat, but its a challenge we’re happy to rise to.

Why? Because, at Resi, we believe everyone deserves a happy space and that includes our very own office. Not only does this scheme mean our employees get the very best by working with us, it means you get a better service.

When you work with our team, you know you’re…

  • Supporting an ethical business
  • Getting a quality service, as we attract the very best recruits
  • Enjoying a consistent service, as a healthier workforce means fewer sick days and less turnover of staff
  • A more enjoyable experience, if our team is happy, then they’re going to go above and beyond to make you feel the same

Want to know more about working with Resi? We offer free consultations, so you can not only get advice on your home’s potential, you can also see for yourself how our team feels about us! Book yours in today.

You can also learn more about the Mayor’s Good Work Standard here.

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