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How Resi can cut your extension times in half

Looking to save time on your extension or conversion? Resi runs a unique service that can dramatically cut timings. Find out more here.

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Cut times in half, you say, how is that possible?

Well you’d be surprised. Not only has Resi transformed the way homeowners can complete their projects, we’ve also helped iron out a lot of the common causes for some people ending up waiting months and months for a result.

Here are all the ways our team can help you get building faster than ever…


From the very start, Resi gets to work making your journey more time efficient (and cost effective too!).

Whereas many architecture practices draw the initial stages out, visiting your site multiple times, having you wait weeks between appointments, Resi gets to work straight away.

We offer free consultations for all homeowners, allowing you to get expert advice with no commitment. Through both your chat with us and an online questionnaire, we gather all the information we need for a price plan, all in a faction of the time a traditional practice needs.

What's more, there’s no sacrifice in quality of care. Our team has the tools to give you greater communication than most other companies can offer. How? We’re glad you asked…


One of the biggest things that sets Resi apart from the crowd is our Dashboard.

This unique online platform was designed and built by Resi’s tech team in order to streamline the process of transforming your home. Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile, our Dashboard allows you to…

  • Monitor your project’s progress
  • Make payments
  • Upload and manage important files
  • Instant message our team
  • Find suppliers & other professionals
  • Apply for finance
  • Invite collaborators
  • Watch our design team at work with screen sharing

The beauty of having so much control in one place is that everything in your project moves much more smoothly.

You’re no longer waiting 2-3 weeks to arrange a meeting with your architect, rather you can simply contact us when you need to via a few clicks of the mouse. Likewise, when it comes to those big chats, such as reviewing your drawings, our screen share function means you can see your feedback changing your designs live - all from the comfort of your home.

We consider every stage of your project

Did you know, when extending your home, you could be using up to 10 different professionals? Maybe even more.

And you can bet each of those professionals is mostly going to be concerned with their step in the journey, giving not too much thought to what came before or after. This is where Resi is different.

As one of the starting points for a project, we saw an opportunity for our service to help give your project a step by step guide. Rather than just handling your designs, when you start with Resi, we’ll consider your whole timeline, we'll advise important stages like...

This guidance means no time is wasted on unnecessary steps, or researching what comes after what.

We only work with the best

Speaking of other professionals, having the best people by your side is vital in keeping your project on schedule.

Don’t believe us? Just read this testimonial from our CEO. Years ago she choose the wrong contractor and it added months onto her construction time.

To avoid a similar fate for our customers, we run a service called Connect. This introduces homeowners to vetted contractors (checked with a range of critera detailed here) so they can choose the best person for their project.

And with our team helping you through the tendering process, that’s even more time saved.


Whether Resi saves you days, weeks, or months, our service is the best out there for streamlining your home project. To find out more, try us out by booking a free consultation with our team.

Design your own extension

With Resi Ready, you do the designs yourself on our whizz bang tech configurator. It’s the simplest way to get a spiffy new home extension.

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