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The Top Trends for Home 2023

Explore our guide to the biggest trends for homes for 2023 and how to incorporate them into yours.

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Here is the ultimate Resi guide to the top home trends we’re set to see for 2023. Discover how to reimagine your space and reinvigorate your interiors.

As we step into 2023, many of us will be reevaluating our relationship with our homes. The past few years flagged a need for spaces that allow you to do it all: work, unwind, entertain. With hybrid working here to stay, as well as some economic uncertainty on the horizon, the attitude towards the home is gently shifting towards a desire for spaces that comfort and inspire rather than serve.

With ever-increasing numbers of us spending more time at our abodes, interesting patterns have emerged in what we’re asking of our homes. Here, we break down what the top trends for home are and what you can expect to see more of this year.

#1 Sustainability

Sustainability is leading the charge for renovations in 2023 with more people concerned about their impact on the environment. Further considerations about the origin and impact of products used in construction means more projects are opting for responsibly sourced and recycled materials. We’ll also see a rise in people integrating energy-efficient solutions into their home designs from the offset such as solar panels, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting - or even designing their buildings based on a Passivhaus approach.

Not only do these larger scale solutions minimise our carbon footprint, they also improve a household’s self-sufficiency – a benefit that will have increasing appeal for those looking for unique ways to limit spending through the cost of living crisis. For those who can foot the initial bill or who are eligible for subsidies, it’s a worthy investment in the planet and the pocket.

Sustainability- a top trend for homes in 2023

#2 Eco materials & biophilia

We spoke with Lucy Henderson, Head of Design at My Bespoke Room, who says, ‘Biophilic design is here to stay in 2023. Our clients still crave bringing the great outdoors into their homes which was a trend that grew momentum over the Covid lockdowns. Incorporate this trend by using natural materials with interesting textures like marble, wood, stone and rattan. Opt for furniture with organic shapes as well such as a round coffee table or curved arms on your sofa. Most importantly, plants plants and more plants will breathe life into your scheme...literally!’.

Rustic materials such as slate, stone, wood and marble are increasingly being selected for kitchen renovations. For those on a tighter budget, finishing touches such as wooden furniture, linen upholstery and stone tables are innovative ways of bringing the outdoors in.

Eco materials trending for homes in 2023

#3 Warmer colour palettes

Cool greys and frosty whites have enjoyed a real moment in the interior design spotlight in recent years, but as people spend more time indoors, there’s a draw towards more gentle colour schemes. Home design palettes are warming up, and even where more subtle colours like white, beige, and cream are concerned, there’s a shift towards deeper hues with golden undertones.

From darker shades of wood chosen like walnut and maple to warmer shades of white, beige and cream on the walls, it suggests an inclination towards creating space fit for relaxation – with growing numbers of people feeling the pinch and staying in rather than going out.

Warmer colour palettes for 2023

#4 Multi-functional spaces

Public appetite for multi-functional spaces hasn’t waned with the end of lockdown. Hybrid working is here to stay and room for flexibility is an essential part of balancing work and play. Our demands for our homes have grown from home gyms and offices to storage rooms and indoor gardening hubs. There’s even a growing trend towards listening rooms for vinyl and reading nooks.

Multi-functional space trends for 2023
Multi-functional space trends

#5 Entertainment spaces

With uncertain economic times ahead, more people are investing in transforming their living space to accommodate entertaining friends and family. Kitchen spaces everywhere are being reimagined, and one notable difference is the expanding size and functionality of kitchen islands. redesigned to fit new purposes.

The space creates a social, welcoming feel that can fit even more people and new snazzy features like pull-out refrigerator drawers or bar areas are innovative ways to impress from the comfort of your own home.

Entertainment spaces trending in 2023

#6 Bold colours and patterns

Interiors are about to get a whole lot more expressive – think colour pop walls and statement, patterned wallpapers alongside clashing textiles and bespoke furniture. Lucy Henderson, Head of Design at My Bespoke Room, advised us to, ‘Expect to see more paprika and terracotta walls compared to cold blues and greys that have been so popular up to now.’

Interiors company Fy! further confirm this trend, telling us, Visual signifiers like prints, patterned textiles and bold colours are surging in popularity with people really wanting to put a stamp of personalisation on their home space. In keeping with the other big trends for this year, the motivation seems to stem from spending more time indoors and a desire to individualise your space.

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What are the top home trends for the year?

Eco-friendly design, organic materials/biophilia, flexible spaces that can be adapted to changing needs and spaces for entertaining.

What colour of furniture is in for 2023?

Furnitures with warm tones, made from eco materials are the top trends for 2023.

What are the new interior colours for 2023?

The top interior colours for 2023 are warmer colour palettes as well as bold patterns and prints.

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