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Here you'll find a various selection of blogs that provide information on which materials are the better options for your renovation, and which you should steer clear of.

Do you know your toughened from your tinted glass?

Our guides can help you decide which installations will be the best fit for your new space; whether you're a veteran renovator or this is your first project, it is crucial to check out all the knowledge available to you.

The first material you'll be considering will probably be the one that, most likely, takes up the most room in your new extension - the flooring.

Installing hardwood floors is often on the minds of homeowners, as they become a beautiful and durable investment that will (hopefully!) last for years. However, there are numerous other options for your new space, such as ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, and carpeting - it's up to you which one you decide to choose.

Most likely, the second material a homeowner will consider will be window glazing, a field with so many different options! Resi is able to provide you with the necessary guidance for you to make an informed decision, as, again, your budget and personal preferences are an influential factor in this choice.