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Building Regulations

Building regulations

Create a safe and healthy home environment for your loved ones with these technical drawings.

Building regulations
Building regulations

Building regulations

Create a safe and healthy home environment for your loved ones with these technical drawings.

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What are building regulations?

They’re a set of statutory requirements that all buildings must meet in order to create a safe and healthy environment to inhabit.

They cover everything from the structure, thermal performance, sound-proofing, drainage, all the way to fire safety - to name just a few!

To ensure your project is in line with UK building regulations, we recommend you commission a set of technical drawings of your proposed build, so your contractor has detailed instruction on meeting all legal requirements.

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This drawing package will be prepared by a Resi technician, but will also need input from other specialist professionals, such as a structural engineer, party wall surveyor, and CCTV drainage surveyor.

At Resi, we can help you find trusted professionals and then consolidate their work into a building regulations package. We will also help you through the application process, dealing with either your local authority or approved building control inspector.

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The details

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Why do I need building regulations drawings?

Legally you must ensure your build complies with these statutory requirements, which is where our technicians come in. They’ll create the technical drawings your contractor will need in order to create a safe and healthy environment during construction that’s ready for sign-off.

While planning drawings focus on the look of your home, the drawings produced for building regulations are far more complex. They factor in everything from structure, fire safety, all the way to air quality.

Professionals involved

Alongside your Resi technicians, you may also need a structural engineer, surveyors, and approved inspector. Depending on your area, we’ll introduce you to vetted companies near you and bring everything together in one package.

Tailored service

At Resi, you only pay for the things you need. Our building regulations package provides a number of extras (see below) you can opt for or against. This means you get drawings that are perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

Better build

Our package starts paying off the minute you start the tendering process. The level of detail we provide enables potential contractors to give more accurate quotes, as well as giving a precise guide for them to follow during construction.

Stages of building regulation



This first conversation between you and your assigned Resi technician will be an opportunity to ask us any questions you have on the whole process, and shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes.

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Choosing your professional consultants

If you haven’t already got the rest of your professionals in place, we’ll introduce you to our trusted partners. This includes: structural engineers, party wall surveyors, and CCTV drainage surveyors.

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Measured survey

Initial specialist work

Your selected professionals will carry out their specialised assessment of both your home and our proposed design. They will most likely require a home visit, in order to inform their work, which will then get passed on to Resi.

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Resi drawings

When all the information has been supplied to Resi by your selected consultants, our technician will get to work consolidating everything into a set of highly detailed architectural drawings.

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Revisions and feedback

We present our work back to both yourself, your structural engineer, and (if in use) your approved building control inspector, making any revisions from the feedback we receive.

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Once edits have been made, we package up our drawings, ready for submission. This gives you a comprehensive drawing and specification package, which will ensure your project is built to the correct and approved standards laid out in UK building regulations.

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Next step:

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Drawings in hand, your next step will be to put your project out for tender. This is when you’ll select the contractor who’ll construct your project.

It is useful to note at this stage that your home improvement may require further decision making when you get to site. If, for example, you have any external finishes requiring specialist input or any complex junction details, your contractor can make adjustments to your design.

This also gives you the freedom to make minor changes on site with the agreement and approval of your contractor.

At Resi, we offer a complimentary Connect service, whereby you’re introduced to vetted contractors in your area. This ensures you're in safe hands for the rest of your home journey.

If you do not need planning permission, then this exercise will help you get ready for the build, which could include building regulations and more.

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