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A luxurious home transformation in Hammersmith and Fulham

A luxurious home transformation in Hammersmith and Fulham

Be prepared to be impressed by this stunning Hammersmith renovation

This large-scale renovation project will change this London property from top to bottom. Not only does it boast a stunning loft conversion, the homeowners will also be adding a new basement, to provide unique recreational space.

Second rear extension

Rear facade changes

Whole house internal alteration

Basement whole house


Hammersmith and Fulham

Planning authority

Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Year of completion



£300,000 - £300,000

Project details

Undertaking a big project, such as a basement conversion, loft conversion, and full interior renovation, can be a challenge for any homeowner. However, throw into the mix a property situated within a conservation area and you’ve got quite a battle on your hands! Luckily, with Resi by their side, these homeowners have been able to do away with the stress and put their luxurious goals into the capable hands of our team.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for this impressive Hammersmith and Fulham property!

Basement extension

With space being at such a premium in London, a lot of homeowners have been exploring their subterranean options. While basement extensions are one of the most expensive and intensive projects you can take on, the rewards they offer can be immense - as this family discovered with these designs.

Starting out with a modest basement, this dark abode was the home to just storage and an outdated utility room. Our team envisioned taking this existing space and carrying it on to encompass the rest of the space below the property. By adding a whole new storey onto the property, we were able to include heaps of new recreational and living space.

Starting from the front of the house, we’ve installed a new lightwell to allow for a new bedroom to enjoy natural light throughout the day. This bedroom will also benefit from its own en-suite and built-in storage. Then, if you move towards the main hub of the basement, you’ll find not only a new entertainment room but a gym too! However, you’ve got to work hard to play hard, which is why we’ve also included a study towards the garden, where it's a little bit calmer. And if all this isn’t enough, we’ve also retained the very practical utility room in our designs.


If there’s one drawback to basement extensions it’s the lack of natural light. Given how much valuable space is packed into this new addition, we’ve combatted the gloom by keeping the two storeys open to one another. The balcony style design allows not only light to travel from the kitchen’s bi-fold doors into the downstairs area, it also gives room for some seriously impressive glazing. Blended to the bi-fold doors, our team has envisioned a two-storey wall of glazing, which stretches from basement to kitchen. This banishes the shadows and provides truly stunning views of the family’s green space.

Loft conversion

In our final big addition, a mansard dormer will be used to house not one but three bedrooms, taking the home’s total count to six. And while these bedrooms and the bay windows we’ve designed for them would usually take centre stage, there’s another interesting feature in this loft that steals the show. Our designs also include a home school area, designed to encourage optimum learning for the resident children. Ultimately, this shows just how much space a property can enjoy when they’ve got architects tailoring it to your family!

Meet Connor, the Lead Designer

This project came with one hell of a shopping list and it was such an exciting home to get stuck into. Of course, sitting in a conservation area, we had to be smart with our designs. My team worked closely with Resi’s in-house planning experts to make sure we balanced ambition with the council’s restrictions. Not always easy but the final results are definitely going to be worth the effort - especially with the wine cellar we tucked away under the basement stairs!

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