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10 fireplace designs to keep you warm this winter

Fireplaces having been warming families for centuries. Now these functional features come in all shapes and sizes...

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Sitting around a cosy fire is built into our ancestral code. Back in the time of cave paintings and spear fighting, fires were used for warmth and community. Together groups and families would gather, feast and wind down after a long day of not being ravaged by lions.

How far we have come since then, and yet the cosy warmth of a fire is still unmatched for a sense of safety, community and calm. It’s still a focal feature in millions of homes today, despite a range of heating alternatives that are available.

So where does a fireplace feature fit in the modern home? Will a fireplace work in your interior design? Check out these 10 fireplace features for inspiration!


Wood burning stove

The wood burning stove is a staple of traditional living. Whether in a nordic log cabin or a countryside cottage, the idea of chucking a log on the fire and cuddling up with a loved one is a dream. An inglenook is the technical term given to the space that surrounds a fire, which gives a place for storing logs. Log piles can also be incorporated into interior designs as they contribute to the cosy country feel.


Contemporary fireplace

If you're looking for a contemporary fireplace you'll probably find something like this, a sleek gas or electric fire designed flat into a wall. These fires remove the need to source wood, but will evidently have an impact on your bills. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, and do more for aesthetic purposes than actual heat generation.


Concrete fireplace
Image: anthonyconcretedesign.com

An industrial interior style is also a popular trend in many modern homes, much like this Concrete Fireplace design. The use of minimal materials, each with straight horizontal and vertical lines, creates a sleek contemporary look.


Black fireplace
Image: resi.co.uk

It doesn't matter what your home style is, a fireplace can contribute to the design. These Resi clients had a gothic-inspired interior theme running throughout their home and the old victorian fireplace became a unique feature after a lick of black paint! It just goes to show you should never be afraid to personalise your space.


Minimalist bedroom
Image: resi.co.uk

Of course, not all fireplaces are in living rooms. A dainty fireplace like this one works incredibly well in a bedroom. The simple white and black colour scheme echoes throughout the furniture, as well as in the minimalist painting, creating a space that could be straight out of a Paris apartment. It not only looks pretty, but the minimalism creates a calming effect which will put you in the perfect mindset for a great night's sleep.


Open plan fireplace

Though most fireplaces are in walls, this might not be the ideal way to heat a large open space. In this open-plan home the fireplace literally becomes the centerpiece, heating the room from the middle and becoming a point in which many can converge.


Small fireplace
Image: resi.co.uk

Not all fireplaces need to be large affairs. This tiny wood burning stove fits tidily away in this modestly sized living room. Shelving at either side is in line with the chimney breast, and removing the mantelpiece makes sure nothing is protruding from the wall. This means you are free to move around in every bit of space available, which is crucial for smaller rooms.


Wood burner

Having a wood burning stove with an exposed chimney is a great way of capturing the log cabin feel. It can make you feel like you're in touch with nature, which we know has naturally relaxing effects. These are also a relatively easy way of introducing a fireplace into a space that doesn't have one, as other methods will likely require major structural work.


Unused fireplace
Image: resi.co.uk

This fireplace shows that even if not in use, they can still contribute to the look and feel of a space. In this renovation the Resi client did not want to remove the fireplace completely, and so used this clever log trick to allude to its previous purpose whilst simultaneously introducing a bit of nature into the home.

Creative fireplace

As with all aspects of your home, a fireplace is a feature you can use to be creative and inject your own personality to create an original design idea that looks stunning and commands the attention of whoever is in the room.

If you are thinking about implementing or altering a fireplace in your home, why not book a call and speak to our team? Our wall-to-wall services can advise you from architectural design to planning and finance. Book your free advice call here.

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