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Here you'll find our blogs on anything and everything related to design and inspiration within your home. If so much time and money is spent on designing and constructing a new build, it only makes sense to fully take advantage of your space in the final stages. Besides, who doesn't love picking out a new sofa? Perhaps the most popular request from those who come to Resi is the need for natural light in their extension. Our blog covers the different ways a homeowner can let light into the home, because who doesn't love sitting down for dinner with the light from the sunset beaming through the kitchen? When designing your home it's important to not only consider making everything look pretty, but what's going to be fitting for you as an individual household. If you're someone that loves to entertain, a four seat dining table is probably not a wise choice. You can use our blog on 2018 interior design trends to guide your thoughts on what colours, fabrics, and accessories work well together. If you're not, let's say, the most creative of souls, these blogs are great for motivating and inspiring fun and imaginative design choices, no matter your personal style.