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Colour pop for kitchens

Want to give your kitchen a new life, and get that "wow" effect? Start by following our guide to choosing the right kitchen colours that will make the room pop.

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When it comes to the home, kitchens are the most popular candidate for renovations. Gone are the days of the kitchen serving the solely practical purpose of being the place where food is prepared. Having guests over? Kitchens are the place to be! And we believe that means there’s scope for making them a whole lot more exciting to be in. Explore how creative colourways can make your kitchen pop.

Colour pop clashing: a quick how-to

According to our data, the majority of people prioritise kitchen renovations above any other room in their homes. With this in mind, as well as the impact colour appears to have on how we feel, adding a pop of colour to our kitchens seems to be a great place to start. But knowing where to begin with selecting our shades can be a challenge – here’s a quick run-through of how to decide.

When it comes to colour contrasts, what determines a delectable difference and what’s a combination that’ll make you wince? According to Dulux, it’s a delicate art that requires time to curate. Read their guide to selecting the ideal colourway and adapt the same process for your kitchen. From opting for furnishing details to choosing calming colours, it’s a great place to start.

Some top colour pop tips:

  • Flirt with florals and foliage. If you’re colour-shy, opt for colourful plants and flowers to see how they influence your mood. Our friends at Muddy Trowel know all there is to know about plants and, lucky for you, they’re not shy to share their expertise. Feeling emboldened? Browse a rainbow of beautiful plant pots and vases on Sazy.com.
    Flower colours for a kitchen

  • Play with prints. There are so many fantastic print companies out there to offer Instagrammable pops of colour at a reasonable price. Try out Fy! for everything from fun, candy-coloured calligraphy prints or if your budget can stretch a little further, explore the print section of Artsy.
    Adding prints for a touch of colour

  • Try decorative tiles. Bold, colour-popping, patterned tiles may seem like a great idea when you’re staying in a sun-drenched Airbnb on holiday. But it’s tricky to know whether they will have the same shine back at home. Before you mosaic your entire splashback, prop up colourful tiles that have caught your eye to see how they mesh with the rest of the room. Request samples from European Heritage Tiles today.
    Decorative tiles

Where to put a pop of colour in your kitchen

Whether you’re painting a wall or getting block colour cabinets installed, it could prove a headache to change if you don’t like what you end up with. That being said, paint is easier and cheaper to cover over than cabinets or freestanding features are to remove and replace. We weigh up the pros and cons of where to add a splash of colour in your kitchen.

Skirting boards

If you’re looking to start small and test out your painting skills, skirting boards are a great place to experiment a colour contrast on. They’re not the sole focus of the room so, if you don’t like how it looks, it’s easy to change but you needn’t worry about people staring at them anyway. If you’re yet to be a DIY pro, follow this guide to painting skirting boards by Harris Brushes.

A feature wall

This might be for you if skirting boards seem too small a place to start. Committing to one brightly coloured wall in your kitchen is a great place to start as you can always commit to the rest later on. We also love these Peel & Stick paint samples from Lick that enable you to visualise the effect of a colour on the space.


For the uninitiated, a kitchen splashback is a wipeable material used to protect your walls from retaining splash stains from cooking. While they’re primary purpose is practical, they have the potential to offer some colourful pzazz to your worktop. Victoria Plum is a great place to begin your hunt for a colour-popping splashback.

Where to put pop colours in your kitchen


If you’re ready to make a bigger splash and you’re settled on a colour or colour combination, it may be time to take the plunge and commit to kitchen cabinets. Still seeking a little bit of guidance? Speak with an interior designer – shoutout to our friends at My Bespoke Room who are pros at curating spaces – or read this great guide to help steer your choices by Homes & Gardens.


Kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters and fridges can be statement pieces that really bring the heart of the home to life without committing to the more structural work of kitchen cabinet building and tiling. We’re fond of the familiar retro cool of freestanding Smeg fridges and the subtle colour pop of Allessi kettles.

Considering an extension or renovation project for your kitchen? Book a free advice call with a friendly team member today and discuss bringing your big ideas to life.

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