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Interior design trends 2023: get ready this summer

Want to bring that summer touch into your home? Read on to discover the interior design trends for this summer.

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Some design trends stand the test of time and some last only a season. We run through some of our favourite current design trends that you can apply to your own home now and into the rest of the year. After all, especially in the UK, who doesn’t want a touch of summer all year long?

Make your garden sing with colour

When we conducted our 2023 Happy Homes Report and asked over 2,000 people what part of their home they would be most likely to spend on if they were given £10,000 the second most popular answer was the garden. This really piqued our interest as the UK weather traditionally renders the garden unusable for a large portion of the year. And yet the garden clearly means a lot to people. Whether this is because people understand how outdoor space can boost your wellbeing in a more meaningful way post-pandemic or we’re simply more in the know about how much value a great garden can add to a property, the headline is: gardens are in. And it’s time to make them look beautiful.

One great way of achieving this is to invest in comfy, colourful outdoor furniture and decorations. It’s important that any outdoor furniture that lives outside is weather resistant so you can enjoy year after year, throughout the more stormy seasons. Explore this selection of waterproof outdoor furniture by Bridgman to get inspired. Some finishing touches we love for summer days and evenings also include colourful outdoor rugs to create a cosy, lounge-like feel in the comfort of your own garden. Others range from playful colourful solar panelled fairy lights and quirky decorations.

The design trend- get colourful with your outdoor space this summer

Choose natural materials

Natural materials in design have been steadily increasing in popularity over the years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps as we’ve explored above in relation to garden space, people have become more attached to the outdoors and are more inclined as a result to invite natural elements into their homes. This can be done in any number of stylish ways, from marble countertops and slate backsplashes in kitchen designs to an exposed brick wall in the living room or a natural wooden table and chairs.

Minimalism is out, maximalism is in

For many of us in recent years, the chatter surrounding the life-changing importance of decluttering has been challenging to avoid (hello, Marie Kondo!). As a result, many people opted for stripped back aesthetics, clever storage solutions that keep the everyday mess of life tucked away behind cupboard doors and generally reduced the amount of “stuff” in their homes.

We’re not totally knocking tidying up, of course. Our 2023 Happy Home report findings also indicated to us how important feeling as though your home is organised is towards your happiness there. However, another factor that influences how happy you might be at home is how much it reflects who you are. It’s our take that your home can only reflect your likes and interests so much if you opt for rather bare minimalism. Which is why we’re pretty excited by one of this summer’s design trends: maximalism.

Maximalist design is a celebration of various different prints, textures, colours and styles. Think bold colour clashes, wallpaper adorned with framed art prints and confident prints on throws over printed sofas.

This Resi case study is a great example of using elements from the maximalist design trends© Matt Gamble

Indoor murals are huge right now

Indoor murals are seeing a spike of popularity. It could be a knock-on impact of the maximalism trend as a whole or it could be a standalone design trend. Either way, people are getting extremely creative at home and opting for hand-painted murals that really define a room. Explore Pinterest for some DIY painted mural inspiration that you can apply to your own home.

A beautiful indoor painted mural design at a completed Resi project

© Matt Gamble

Choose colourful tiles for your bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms in the home and, if you’re sharing as a family, it’s really important it’s a well-organised space. That being said, there are plenty of ways to make the space fun and enjoyable to be in. One design trend that we adore for bathrooms is colourful tiles that brighten the space and make it feel more personal to you.

Fun, colourful tiles at a beautifully renovated Resi bathroom in Wimbledon© Matt Gamble

For more design ideas and inspiration, book a free advice call with a friendly Resi team member.

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