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How to achieve a 'broken plan' home

Last updated Thursday 03 January 2019

How to achieve a 'broken plan' home

Last updated Thursday 03 January 2019


It feels like for years the trend of open plan living has reigned supreme, yet a new contender is entering the ring. Broken plan living.

A twist on open plan, broken plan retains that sense of openness, while also offering more privacy and cosy nooks. It's a chance to get creative with your home, allowing you to play with shelves, partitions, and even half walls. So if you’re looking for a new home layout, here’s some inspiration to get you started…



Far for being just a convenient place to rest your plants, good shelving can help break up any space, without impacting too heavily on the light that runs through your home. And as the example above shows, shelves don’t just have to be classic straight lines. Experiment with structures can add a decorative twist, while also dividing up your rooms.

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Two storey

Two Storey



Glass partitions

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These are a firm favourite in the broken plan movement, as the glazing provides the perfect way to keep your space feeling open, even while splitting it up. By opting for a glass partition, you allow for light to continue penetrating the whole household, yet also create quiet areas for relaxation - thanks to your new glazed sound proofing.

Looking for a big of extra style? Opt for crittall glass. The black iron is very on trend, with those lines breaking up modern white interiors.

Half walls


Half walls are the perfect way to achieve two seperate rooms without completely closing them off from one another. They work particularly well in seperating a living room from a kitchen, or even a living area from a study.

As you can see above, a half wall can be paired with shutters, giving the homeowner the option of completely closing these areas off from each other. A great option for any household who has someone who sometimes needs a little peace and quiet.

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Divvy up your home through the use of this warming feature. A stylish fireplace, complete with chimney, helps block off spaces, while still leaving plenty of room for that open feeling. Go for modern fakery or even opt for the real thing. Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so ask your architect how you might get creative.



Broken plan living doesn’t have to mean walls, it can also be achieved simply through the use of different levels in your home. Whether this is something as small as a few steps, such as those in the example above, or through creating your own maisonette type abode.

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