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10 tips for creating your own home office

If you need to create a work space of your own, follow these expert tips from our architects to make your work days that little bit more homely.

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Whether you’re working remotely out of choice or due to government intervention, getting your home office in order is a must to ensure you keep producing at your best. Luckily, you don’t need to be flush to create an office space that’s tailored to you.

No matter what space you have available or budget, here’s our designer’s top tips for making the most of your home during the 9 to 5…

Transform those dead spaces

If you have some budget to hand, you might consider getting those dead areas of your home working a little harder. Common improvement areas are either a loft that’s been growing dusty or a garage which has been storing boxes more than vehicles.

Because you’ll be converting existing space, these areas are typically cheaper than extensions. What’s more, because a home office requires a blank canvas to be made, the room could easily be adapted for other purposes, such as another bedroom or even playroom. This versatility will mean you should see a good return on investment if you ever come to selling your home.

Learn more about loft conversions and their garage counterparts.

Find space in unexpected places

However, you don’t need a big garage or loft going spare to find room for your home office. There are plenty of other areas that often go underutilised at home, such as…

  • Hallways
  • Space under the stairs
  • The landing

Even a neglected corner of your bedroom or living room can open up opportunities for a desk and chair.

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barry road

Designed by Team Resi

Bigger doesn’t always mean better

A home office doesn’t have to take over your whole house or even a whole room. They can be slotted into any space that has room for a desk and not even necessarily the whole of that.

Desk legs can take up a lot of room and for those who want to get really economical with their space, you might consider adding a hanging workspace. For a lot of people, simply having enough space for a laptop and notebook will be enough (maybe a little spot for your mug too, tea is important).

Know your temptations

Where you set your office is important. Not just in terms of finding the space but knowing how said space will impact on your working habits.

Be honest with yourself. If you’re a big snacker or unable to leave a sink full of dirty dishes go untouched, perhaps the kitchen isn’t the best place for you to stay focused. Likewise, if you find yourself tempted to switch on the TV or have a little lay down, stay out of the living room.

Build up

So you’ve got yourself a little desk but you’re struggling to find the space for all your paperwork and stationary, what to do?

Well, the space could be staring you right in the face. Yes, we’re talking about all that empty wall space. From corkboards to shelves, get your walls working harder. If you do nothing else, just a few pieces of inspiring wall art can perk you up on those bad days.

Work doesn’t have to be boring

Speaking of art, just because your desk is a place of work, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Use this as an excuse to add a little flair into your working day by experimenting with both colour and decoration. This will help encourage you to spend time at your desk, while also preventing the space from becoming an eyesore on the weekend.

Don’t let style go out the window

Even if you don’t want to get jazzy with your desk space, you should at least ensure that it’s in keeping with the style of any room you nestle it into. Try to aim for matching furniture, sticking to whatever era your interior design is currently themed around (if you have a theme, that is).

Home Office

Storage is your friend

The last thing you want to be faced with, at the end of the day, is a mess of paperwork and other office equipment. Therefore, it’s worthwhile investing in some storage. Be this shelving, a bookcase, or just having some storage boxes nestled in under your desk. You’ll be amazed at how hidden storage can be, allowing you to hide away all those deadlines once the work bell rings.

Get creative!

Don’t have any obvious spare space?
Don’t have an office chair?
Don’t even have a desk?

Then it’s time to get creative. When we asked our designers for examples of clever home office setups, they sent us this beauty…

Home office - shoe rack

If this person could find a way to make a shoe rack in the hall their new work hub, there’s hope for your home.

Put your wellbeing at the forefront

More than anything, where you work should promote a strong sense of wellbeing. It’s not uncommon that we spend over 40+ hours at our desks, making it one of the most important spaces for affecting how we feel day to day.

In 2020, we surveyed 4000 UK residents, taking their answers and combining them with the best existing research, to develop The Science of a Happy Home Report. This report found there are six key areas that inform our wellbeing at home. These are…

  • Adaptable
  • Connected
  • Mirrors
  • Nourishing
  • Relaxed
  • Secure

To discover how your home measures up, take our Happy Home’s quiz and you’ll find out which area you might consider focusing on. A happy home means a happy home office, after all.

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