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15 more projects to inspire your home extension

We've put together another 15 stunning projects to inspire your own home extension and get you thinking outside of the architectural box.

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If you have looked through our pick of 15 inspirational projects but still want more, you're in the right place. We've got another 15 projects to inspire a home extension of your very own!

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Crittall style glazed wraparound

If you are looking to create heaps of space you might want to think about a wraparound extension. Extending to the side and rear can really open up a home - if you have the outside space to spare.


Loft snug

These homeowners turned their loft extension into a snug. Though few homeowners choose to use their loft space for this purpose, a snug can come in very handy if you value your privacy or have a couple of moody teens!



Let’s talk skylights. Sometimes it's not how big or how many, but how well positioned they are. Some clever collaboration with our designers gave this Resi client a skylight that illuminates their dining table and large oil painting! Quite the centerpiece.


Pivot door

When it comes to ground floor extensions, doors are often central features. How they look, how much light they let in and how wide they open tend to be the defining characterists when a homewoner decides. This large pivot door is a unique example.


Double bifold doors

Bifolds are another very popular door option. In our previous collection of 15 inspirational projects we showcased a single bifold door that could be pushed all the way to one side. Here the homeowners have incorporated two seperate doors that meet in the middle. Which do you think works best?


Flat extension

How does your extension look from the outside? Though extensions are completed to create more inside space, you should still give thought to how they look from the outside. Though flat roofs are common, this extension has been given a unique saltbox pitch, a quirky and attractive alternative.


Structural glass

If you're looking to create a bright and light space you might like the appeal of structural glass. These walls of glass allow for lots of natural light to pour in, as well as providing excellent views of your garden.


White colour scheme extension

Like keeping things simple? Monochromatic colourschemes like this all-white extension can help to really exemplify pops of colour, such as these candy red dining chairs.


Country style kitchen

The wooden country-style kitchen is a popular interior trend we expect to feature throughout homes in 2021. If you're planning a kitchen extension and would like to capture some of that countryside charm, check out our full country-style kitchen blog.


Alex's side return

This side return extension created a broken-plan kitchen, diner and lounge area. Broken-plan combines features from both open and closed-plan layouts to create free flowing spaces that are still defined. Perfect for a family home!


Large dormer extension

Loft extensions are an excellent way of magicking space from nowhere. Not only is the additional space very handy and functional, but often these projects will increase the property's overall value. Something to hold on to if you ever intend on selling.



Exposed brick, kitchen island, wine fridge, cook book shelf - there are lots of things to take inspiration from in this glazed wraparound extension. In fact, you might decide to just copy it entirely!


Traditional extension

Like spending time outdoors? Love taking advantage of the barbeque in the summer? A feature of most modern extensions is their connectivity to your outside space. Blending the indoors and outdoors is a known mood booster, something we found in our Happy Homes survey.


Flat project

You don't need to own a home to extend. This flat owner added a gorgeous extension to their ground floor London flat. They also added an annexe to the bottom of their garden for even more functional space!


Colourful stairs

This colourful set of stairs is the perfect example of self expression! When it comes to designing your extension, don't be afraid to add those personal touches. It is for you to enjoy after all!

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