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Kids' bedroom decor: how to decorate your child’s bedroom

When it comes to your kid's bedroom decor, find a theme that fits their personality and storage solutions that fit all their bits and pieces. See our top tips for decorating your child's bedroom to suit them.

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If you have a little one, then you know that their room is a special place. It's where they can go to escape and just be a kid. The only problem is that decorating it can be challenging because of the amount of stuff kids have (and love) in their rooms. To help make this process easier we've put together some tips on how to decorate your child's bedroom so it looks great and feels fun!

Find a theme that is right for your child

When you’re embarking on a decorating project for your child, choosing a theme is a great place to start. For example, if your child is obsessed with the great outdoors, charming injections of character like animal wall stickers and forest bedsheets are great, low-cost options. Small tweaks like these can be adapted easily and transform the space so it’s personalised to your little one.

Finding a theme for your kid’s bedroom decor

Make your child’s bedroom an adaptable space

Another thing to consider when choosing a bedroom theme is how easy it will be maintain over time and easy to adapt – you don't want something too complicated or labour-intensive while children are growing. They’re likely to change their mind often so we recommend choosing finishing touches that make the space unique and not doing anything too dramatic, such as hanging prints rather than wallpapering. You can also find fantastic furniture options that grow with your child such as extendable beds so, if your child has a big growth spurt before you’ve had time to shop around for something new you’re covered.

Child’s bedroom example

Choose colours that are calming and relaxing

Choose colours that are calming and relaxing. Bright, busy colours can be overwhelming and could even inhibit sleep which isn’t fun for any of the family. This article from Moshi Kids breaks down which colours are best to choose and how science supports this.

Colours for your kid’s bedroom decor© Moshi

Don't forget storage space and furniture pieces in your kid’s bedroom decor

Storage space is an important consideration for any bedroom, but particularly for tidying up after little ones. You'll want to make sure that your child has enough room to store toys, clothes and other items comfortably. Storage can be built in or integrated into furniture pieces such as beds and dressers. When choosing other storage options, make sure they are large enough to accommodate items like books or sports equipment (if applicable). For more innovative storage inspiration, explore Pinterest.

Colours for your kid’s bedroom decor


We hope that we've inspired you to take some time to think about how you can make your child's bedroom a more exciting place. We know that decorating a room can be overwhelming, but if you follow our tips and keep the end goal in mind (i.e. making it fun for your child), then everything else should fall into place!

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