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Family bathroom ideas for any stage of life

A family bathroom can quickly feel cluttered when everyone's belongings start to pile up. Here are our best family bathroom ideas to improve wellbeing.

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It’s often joked about that having separate bathrooms to a spouse is the secret to a happy relationship. Here at Resi, we’re more interested in how innovative family bathroom ideas can impact each family member’s happiness and wellbeing at any stage of life. After all, there are fewer household rooms that call for as much privacy and, as a result, call for as much personalisation. We explore some of our favourite family bathroom ideas for any stage of life and how to incorporate these elements in your own home.

Bathroom ideas for each member of the family

Our bathroom behaviour changes throughout our lives. For families with children under the age of 3, the considerations for what makes a practical, livable and enjoyable bathroom to be in are likely to vary wildly from what a household with two adults. We explore some of our favourite ideas for bathrooms at each stage of life.

Bathroom ideas for babies

If you’re welcoming a baby into your world, it’s no secret that you’re about to make a whole lot of adaptations to the way you live. The life admin that comes along with little ones can often be messy and repetitive, meaning that it’s vital to make changes to your home that will help accommodate them. One of the central rooms to this new routine will be your bathroom.

For households with one bathroom to share, here are some ideas for updating your space in time for your arrival.

Bathroom ideas for babies

Invest in a changing table

What might seem like an unnecessary expense now may just come to feel like a lifeline later on. Let’s face it, babies are messy and nappy-changing is part and parcel of the life admin that little ones bring along with them. If you have space, dedicate an area of your family bathroom to changing duties and take comfort in one practicality being accounted for.

Keeping it in your bathroom is a great way to ensure any messy moments are easily wiped away. When selecting yours, make sure it’s tall enough for you to navigate as you’re going to be using it a great deal and you’ll want to minimise back strain. We love this adorable piece from La Redoute – it even has a drawer to tuck all your bits and bobs away in so you can keep your bathroom tidy.

Make bathtime fun

Choose a changing table with storage and fill it with joy-inducing toys to make bathtime a little less of a chore and a lot more fun. Sometimes at the end of the day, bathing the baby can feel like a slog. Having distractions on hand can help make the experience a lot more joyful for all involved. These sea-themed toys from Jojo Maman Bebe are just the ticket.

Create a bathing station

Have everything you need on-hand to wash your little one as your hands are going to be pretty full. For very small babies, it’s also a great idea to consider placing a baby bath inside your bath.
Non-slip bathtub mats aren’t the most glamorous addition to a bathroom but they are one of the most sensible for once your baby outgrows their baby bath. Reduce any risk of your little one slipping into the water and line your tub with one or opt for a bath tub seat for maximum support – this one from Mamas & Papas is a great example.

Bathroom ideas for toddlers and kids

While they’re still toddlers, we recommend keeping your cabinet and loo locks in place for peace of mind. But the changing table can go and you can start to get a little more creative with your bathroom choices. Read on for some of our favourite ways of shaking up your bathroom for toddlers and children.

Bathroom ideas for kids

Step it up

While it may seem like you blink and they’ve grown another foot, they’re still only little in the grand scheme of things. As they’re beginning to grow up and take charge of some tasks like washing their hands and brushing their teeth, make sure you have a step to help them reach your taps and your toilet (and while you’re at it, get a toilet reducer seat to stop them falling in). It’s an easy adaptation that’ll begin encouraging independence and saving you one job at a time! What’s more, they come in all sorts of jazzy colours and designs and could be an eye-catching accessory in your bathroom.

Add some personal touches

It’s around the toddler-stage when you really begin to see your children’s personal taste developing. Have they got a story book they just won’t put down, a favourite character in a show or a game they love to play? Channel their interests in the design or the room whether it’s selecting towels in their favourite colour or a shower curtain with an underwater scene.
Encourage this independence further and install a hook for them to hang their own towel and washcloth on. It’s these tiny details that can make all the difference!

Lock your loo

It may sound a little silly but when it comes to babies, it’s best to be on the safe side and actively avoid them slipping in. Avoid any toilet catastrophes and get a lock to keep the lid secure when it’s not in use. You can pick these up in any good DIY shop or order online at Amazon.

Lock your cabinets too!

Typically, a lot of the items we keep in our bathrooms are hazardous if left in touching distance of babies – think medicines, razors, cleaning products. Babies tend to feel their way around the world and this curiosity could be dangerous if their little hands get onto something that they shouldn’t. To help you sleep a little easier at night, get child locks on your cabinets today.

Bathroom ideas for teenagers and adults

As we get older, our bathrooms generally begin to feel a little more like a leisure space to look after ourselves rather than a chore. They’re also deeply personal places and this shift is increasingly noticeable as we reach adolescence and continue on into adulthood. Whether you’re sharing with a teen or a fellow adult, use these tips as a guide for creating a harmonious space that feels like home for everyone.

Organising your family bathroom

Discreet storage space

When it comes to family bathrooms that are shared between multiple relatives, it’s vital to allocate small pockets of personal space and respect them. As teenagers go through puberty and experience all the changes that go along with it, providing privacy is hugely important and continues to be throughout adulthood. Not only will it instil a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency, assigning personal space will help keep your bathroom space tidy and organised. There are plenty of fantastic options for bathroom storage out there. If you’re looking to redesign, consider cabinets with individual compartments for each person that can be built into your space. Explore Victoria Plum for inspiration – they have an extensive range of sleek styles to pore over. If you’re not in the market for a bathroom renovation, a freestanding bathroom storage solution is the way to go. Channel the natural materials trend with a wooden column drawer unit or go ultra-modern with a steel cabinet.

Play with design

Our 2020 Happy Home Report found that the happiest homes are those which reflect elements of our identity. That not only means choosing amenities that suit your lifestyle and serve you practically, but being able to look around and see signals of your personal taste in the design fabric of the home. Following this logic, it pays to play with design and find styles, shapes, patterns and colours that inspire you. A bathroom is somewhere where you’ll spend plenty of time by default so we think it should be somewhere that you feel totally at home. Look for design inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram accounts like the aptly titled Bathrooms of Instagram, and interiors magazines such as Elle Decoration.

Create a haven with uplights

For some of us, the bathroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind, relax and reflect on the day. If you fall into the category of people who pop on a podcast and luxuriate in the tub, it’s vital that your environment is up to scratch. There are plenty of ways to achieve a calming environment – some of which we explored in our How to make your home a peaceful sanctuary article – but getting your lighting right is key.

We love uplighting for creating a soft bathroom light – this is when lights are strategically fitted into the floor or lower levels of the room to face up and project light upward. This type of lighting is often used in spas to create a calming atmosphere. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Bathroom ideas for elderly folk

The need for privacy and personal touches mentioned in our suggestions of bathroom ideas for teenagers and adults still applies here. On top of that, there are some additional changes you can make to your family bathroom that will make it more elderly folk friendly.

Organising your bathroom for elderly folk

Choose non-slip floors

As we age, some of us find that our balance is challenged and our bodies are more fragile. To minimise the risk of elderly family members slipping over in the family bathroom and injuring themselves, choose your bathroom flooring wisely. We recommend seeking out textured, non-slip tiles to increase the friction. Check out European Heritage Tiles for a beautiful balance between style and practicality.

Prioritise effective lighting

Make sure that your bathroom is adequately illuminated to ease navigation for elderly folk, particularly if their eyesight is poor. We recommend opting for ambient lighting that disperses light over a whole area or spotlights for a clear, focused stream of light that’s perfect for activities like shaving. Whether your elderly family member requires assistance or not, having a well lit room will make all the difference.

Family bathroom ideas for mobility restrictions

The differences between an intergenerational household don’t necessarily stop at age. Each one of us has totally unique requirements. Here are just a few adjustments you can make to your bathroom to accommodate some of the factors that may call for adapting our bathrooms.

If one or more of your family members have mobility challenges, there are some great practical bathroom adaptations you can make that will make everyone’s lives easier. Read on for some inspiration for changes you can make to your bathroom.

Opt for walk-in baths

These nifty creations are a total gamechanger for people with restricted mobility. They’re typically built with a door to the side that enables ease of movement in and out so you can skip some maneuvering hassle and fast forward to indulging in a dip. Thanks to the brilliant innovation of companies like Victorian Plumbing, they come in a range of shapes and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom design.

Feel secure with shower chairs

Shower chairs are ideal for when you don’t have time to soak in the tub and a shower is the more practical choice. There are plenty of freestanding options available that might be more suitable for families who all share a bathroom space as they can be removed for anyone who doesn’t require one. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for an elderly family member’s private bathroom, for example, there are plenty of wall-mounted shower chair options. Explore B&Q and Living Made Easy for a flavour of what’s out there.

Install grab bars around utilities

Empower independence in your bathroom with grab bars around utilities. They can be an invaluable feature for helping aid movement and navigation of space. Grab bars come in a huge array of styles, colours and materials so you can select ones that complement your decor. Screwfix is a great place to begin perusing your options.

Widen door frames

While this suggestion isn’t limited to bathroom doorways for wheelchair users, it’s a good place to start. If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, explore the possibility of extending the width of the entryway to make moving in and out as smooth as possible. In a similar vein, consider how you could reimagine the space to create more space within the room and make navigating easier. Book an advice call with one of our experts to talk through your options.

Design your own extension

With Resi Ready, you do the designs yourself on our whizz bang tech configurator. It’s the simplest way to get a spiffy new home extension.

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