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What are the top interior design trends of 2022?

A breakdown of the biggest interior trends can we expect to see in 2022 and beyond. Featuring house plants, rich colour schemes, and new ways of living.

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It feels like 2022 will continue to be a home-focused year for millions nationwide. Throughout 2020, our homes became our offices, our classrooms, our gyms and our restaurants. We dramatically changed the way we use our homes, and in turn, this has changed the way we design them.

We asked Head of Design, Lucy Henderson from our interior design partners, My Bespoke Room for her thoughts on what design trends are here to stay in 2022:

Biophilic design

Biophilic interior design

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Biophilic design is the fancy sounding term that encapsulates the idea of bringing the outdoors into our homes as we crave that connection with nature.

Methods like maximising natural light into a room and ensuring there is plenty of ventilation to bring fresh air in are obvious ones. But it also inspires the furniture we buy and how we decorate. Think shapes inspired by nature such as curves and natural materials like wood, stone and rattan.

Colours inspired by nature are also a key ingredient of biophilic interior design. It’s no coincidence that green is now one of the most popular colour choices this year! We’re also incorporating earthy, muted shades used into our designs such as browns, oranges and creams.

Essential to this design trend however is indoor plants. “We evolved as a part of nature and so we naturally find nature relaxing,” says mental wellbeing author Ben Channon on Resi’sHappy Homes podcast. “Houseplants can even be used to combat anxiety and depression.” Their growing popularity has also increased what we know about looking after houseplants, meaning less stress and more benefits.

Broken plan living

Broken plan living

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

For many years open plan living was the dream family layout and a must-have for home buyers. Large open spaces with undeterred sightlines to bring the whole family together - perfect! Then comes the pandemic and many months on top of each other in one home reminds us that having some boundaries and separation isn’t so bad after all!

Broken plan living is the perfect compromise. Instead of putting up walls again, broken plan living is much more flexible and suited to modern day living. Things like bookshelves, pocket doors or glass or slatted wooden partitions give a degree of privacy and help to create clearly defined zones without separating them entirely.

broken plan with sliding doors

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Multi-functional spaces

Multi-functional spaces

Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Another aspect of this post-covid world we’re living in is a move towards working from home. This has meant that our homes need to be more flexible and fluid. A spare bedroom is no longer just a ‘bedroom’. It now might be required to be a gym in the morning, an office during the day and then a guest bedroom at weekends.

Help your home to adapt to this growing trend through clever and plentiful storage solutions to quickly tidy away dumbbells or laptops or craft kits - whatever floats your boat! Choose furniture that has a dual use like sofa beds but is also adaptable such as folding chairs or stackable side tables.

Sustainable and timeless design

Now here’s a trend we should all be embracing more in 2022. We’re loving that more and more of our clients at My Bespoke Room are asking questions about the origin and carbon footprint of the products we source. From paint to lighting - we’re more focussed than ever on how the products we use in our designs impact the planet.

Another aspect of sustainable design is upcycling and reusing old furniture or incorporating vintage and antiques. Pieces that have been beautifully crafted and are timeless. Featuring furniture that has a history and a story adds so much to a design scheme and helps your home to become completely unique and personal to you.



Image credit: My Bespoke Room

Japandi has gradually grown in popularity lately - last year our designers even voted it as their favourite design trend! It’s no surprise as it features many of the trends and themes we’ve written about already in this article, most notably, biophilic and sustainable design.

Simply put, Japandi is a fusion of traditional Japanese sleek minimalism and Scandinavian clean lines. It’s defined by its use of natural materials, particularly wood, as well as minimalism which is rooted in both styles.

70’s inspired design

But don’t worry, it’s not all about sleek lines and minimalism! Pattern and colour still very much has a home in the 2022 design trends! 80’s modern design and maximalism had its moment back in the sun in the last few years but now it’s the 70’s turn to make a comeback.

Regretting ditching that avocado bathroom suite yet?!

The modern take on 70’s design ditches the overuse of plastics but makes great use of the 70’s warm, muted colour palette of greens and browns helping it play nicely with the other key design trends.

This trend also allows us to have fun with bold patterns and colour though our soft furnishings. Lean into groovy geometric and floral patterns for your home as a nod to this trend.

Interested in getting the help of a professional interior designer to transform your home this year? My Bespoke Room’s design packages start from just £395!

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