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The Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

Breathe new life into your kitchen in 2023 with our guide to the biggest trends of the year.

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It goes without saying that a full kitchen renovation isn’t a realistic annual tradition for everyone. But whether you’re designing your dream kitchen from scratch this year or reimagining the existing space, there are some big-hitting kitchen trends on the horizon that are sure to provide plenty of interior inspo. From shape-shifting layouts to toasty colour palettes and smart technology, we’ve cherry-picked our favourite kitchen trends for the year ahead.

#1 Smart appliances

Kitchens are stepping into the future. With the rise and rise of smart appliances and features for the home as a whole, it’s only natural that these advances are being integrated into kitchen designs. Whether you love the idea of catching up with family calls while you cook, telling your hob to switch itself off while your hands are busy chopping or simply unwinding to your favourite album with a great soundsystem as you stir, making kitchens smarter looks set to be a big trend for 2023. Kitchen experts like Bora and Siemens are leading the charge with attainable smart appliances with sleek, innovative design.

Kitchen trends 2023 - smart appliances

#2 Natural elements

Inviting natural elements into the infrastructure of the design of the home may not be a groundbreaking trend, but the soaring popularity of public desire for organic materials shows no signs of petering out. Rustic materials such as slate, stone, wood and marble are being requested more frequently in kitchen design.

Explore Mandarin Stone for sleek kitchen solutions that incorporate unique natural materials from the ground up. And for those tweaking rather than building afresh, large wooden butcher blocks and slate backsplashes are achievable and innovative ways of getting back to nature from the comfort of your kitchen on a smaller budget.

Natural elements in kitchen trends

#3 Bigger kitchen islands

As more people opt for entertaining friends and family at home, kitchen spaces everywhere are being reimagined and redesigned to fit new purposes. The kitchen island renaissance is a fantastic example of this – their central positioning creates a social, welcoming space and their expanding average size accommodates even more people. Expect your interior-focused social feeds to boast spacious kitchen islands with snazzy hidden features like discreet, low level built-in extraction fans that make entertaining look effortless.

Bigger kitchen islands in kitchen trends for 2023

#4 Bold colours & patterns

Kitchens are about to get a whole lot more expressive – think statement coloured feature walls and patterned wallpapers, bright cabinet details and eye-catching textiles. This year, more people are transforming their kitchens into spaces that feel truly reflective of their own individual tastes and styles.

For inspiration on all things bold and beautiful, explore the iconic prints of London’s House of Hackney or delve into Liberty London’s renowned designs. While this marks a departure from recent trends of minimalism and zen-inducing subtle tones, it will certainly make day-to-day tasks a little more stimulating.

Trends in 2023 - Bold colours & patterns
©  House of Hackney


#5 Warmer hues

Even where more muted colours like white, beige and cream are concerned, there’s a notable shift towards warmer hues. From darker shades of wood chosen like walnut and maple to warmer shades of white, beige and cream on the walls, it suggests an inclination towards creating space fit for relaxation – with growing numbers of people feeling the pinch and staying in rather than going out.

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What are the top kitchen trends for the year?

The top kitchen trends for the year will be smart technology, organic materials, large kitchen islands, patterns and bold colours.

What colour should you choose for your kitchen in 2023?

Bold and warmer colours will be trending for kitchens in 2023.

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