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Designing the ultimate personal haven for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day 2018 we asked our team of architects to design the ultimate space for Mums. A Mum Cave, if you will.

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Here are Resi, we’re always challenging ourselves to look at things differently. So on Mother’s Day we asked ourselves: what could architects do to help Britain’s hard-working mums? That’s when we came up with the Mum Cave.

Men have enjoyed their own Man Caves for years. Shutting themselves off in a haven of all things manly: television, beer, and deodorants named after metals. It makes sense that if men get to enjoy all these gender stereotypes, then why can’t women? Check out the result...

Interior 1-1

Interior 2
Interior 3

Key features

  • Secret entrance with sliding barn door
  • Wine bar - obviously
  • Jukebox so no more turning down your favourite cheesy classics
  • Cosy reading chair and choice of books
  • Plant wall which slides open to reveal personal bedroom
  • Giant bed for the ultimate nap
  • Giant bath for the ultimate soak
  • Ensuite with walk-in shower

You can take a full tour of our Mum Cave with our flythrough guide.

If you're looking for help designing your own personal haven, book in a free consultation call today.

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