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How to prepare a baby-friendly home without moving

Are you expecting a baby? You don't need to move to get a child-friendly home. Check out our top home adaptations tips.

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If you’re expecting, preparing your home for the arrival of a little one can be one of the most intimidating factors to consider – particularly if space is tight and you’re not in a position to move. But there are some cheap and easy hacks for preparing your space without any moving hassle or spend. Read on to find out more.

Choose a darker shade

When it comes to soft furnishings – from sofas to towels and even bed sheets – take your shades down a few tones and minimise the inevitable unsightly stains. Black is a bold and sophisticated choice that can look fantastic, particularly in modern, minimalist spaces. We love this Habitat 3 seater velvet black sofa, this super affordable black towel range by George at Asda and these French linen bed sheets by Soak & Sleep. For a softer take on dark textiles, opt for rich maroons or classic navy blues. This textured throw by Olivia’s is perfect for introducing a touch of cosiness while you’re up in the wee hours during night feeds and this simple and elegant navy rug from Dunelm will covertly soak up any small spillage.

Choose dark colours like navy blue for bed sheets for a child-friendly home

Keep it neat (and be ruthless!)

First things first, there’s never a bad time for a big declutter but when you have a baby on the way it’s an especially good idea. When the baby arrives you'll have a lot less time and be a lot more tired so knowing exactly where to find things can be very useful and also being able to tidy up easily. Keep sentimentality to a minimum and sell what you can – Vinted is a fantastic marketplace app that makes selling easy. Once you’ve cleared out what you can, it’ll make your life a lot easier to get anything left over organised.

There are plenty of clever home storage solutions that will keep your space neat and tidy – something you’ll be grateful for once you’ve got all the necessary equipment ready. From bottles to cloths to toys, wipes, tiny clothes, nappies and high chairs, having a place for everything before your little one arrives is going to save you a lot of stress and time.

One of our favourite solutions to keep your home clutter-free is to create cupboard space that’s specifically meant for practicalities. Picture this: your washing machine, tumble dryer and hanging space are all crafted into one innovative built in unit that keeps all evidence of the mess at bay as soon as you shut the doors. Atomia offers a completely personal approach to creating storage solutions so you can get exactly the shape and size of the cupboard needed to tuck your clutter neatly away.

With little ones on the loose, you’ll want to have organised storage spaces

Install baby gates

Now we know we might be jumping the gun a little bit here – realistically, your little one isn’t going to be running around for quite some time. But 6 months in, you’ll often find a very enthusiastic crawler making their way through your rooms. And those 6 months are going to go by in a flash! Do a favour for future-you and get some baby gates installed ahead of time.

Carve out a quiet corner

We can’t emphasise the importance of creating a quiet haven in your home just for you. You may be hard-pressed for moments of peace and quiet but when they come along, it’s vital that you savour the moment and use those minutes to relax.

Thanks to data collected for our 2023 Happy Home report, we can now recognise that pride in the home is strongly linked to how relaxed we are within it and how cosy the environment is. Make sure you have a cosy nook ready to unwind in. The book lovers among you might be inspired by our article about how to create a reading nook out of a modern bookcase. If a more simple, does-all chillout area is what you’re after, there are a few touches that can make it easier to switch off.

First things first, choose a chair or sofa that perfectly fits your lounging style. If ergonomic furniture is your style, consider a chair crafted for posture health like this reclining number from Barker & Stonehouse. For those among us who love to get snug with a big mug of steaming tea, the comforting plushness of Ligne Roset’s chairs and sofas is unparalleled.

The type of lighting you choose can also have a great impact on how easily you can unwind. We’d suggest choosing a spot by a window for daylight hours so you can enjoy the myriad benefits of natural light: Vitamin D, mood-boosting and healthier sleep. To create a calming ambience in the darker hours, we’d recommend opting for a lightbulb that emits a warm golden glow and avoiding any light that’s too harsh or white. Installing a dimmer lighting system is also a fantastic option for moderating the light levels in your home.

A comfy, quiet corner at a completed Resi project in Battersea© Matt Gamble

Build a bathroom that works for all

Shared bathrooms are notoriously contentious territories and, with little ones running around, tensions can really simmer. The everyday chaos of life aside, there are ways to reduce the mayhem of bathtimes and nappy changes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Nine times out of ten the answer is simple: storage! Optimise your bathroom storage to free up as much floor space as possible and choose storage furniture with a plastic finish (humidity on wooden furniture can easily lead to mould).

Create does-it-all spaces

Another finding from our 2023 Happy Home report was that people are generally more content with homes that have multifunctional spaces rather than dedicated areas for everything. That’s great news if you’re short on space and zoning your home ahead of a little one’s arrival has been a worry.

One way to create a multifunctional space is to opt for a broken-plan style layout for any living areas that would otherwise be open-plan. This is a hybrid between open-plan and separate rooms and consists of spaces being broken up with barriers such as glass doors, bookshelves or room separators. The idea is to create different ‘zones’ rather than different rooms so that you can adapt a space for multiple different purposes depending on what you need it for at any one point.

Another way to make your space work harder and be suitable for multiple purposes is to opt for furniture with dual uses. This could be a seat by the front door that opens up to hold your little one’s coats and hats for those last minute hurries on unexpected chilly days or a dressing table which can double up as a work-from-home desk when cleared.

There are plenty of easy, affordable ways to adapt your living space to make it safe and comfortable for little ones. But if you’re tempted by an extension or an internal renovation, book a free advice call with one of our in-house experts to discuss your ideas.

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