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Is it time to detox from trend-led interior design?

You might be tempted to follow interior design trends for your home. But as they are constantly changing, is it a good idea to always try and keep up?

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Interior design trends change constantly and keeping up with what’s “in” can be disorientating to say the least. In this article, we explore whether trend-led interior design is best or whether it’s time to ditch the crowd and find your own look.

Is your home a mirror?

We’ve conducted some research that suggests that how proud we feel of our homes is linked to how much we see ourselves reflected in our homes themselves. If your interior design shape-shifts with the to and fro of current trends rather than your own personal taste, it could impact how connected you feel to it.

To create a sense of identity in your home, get out and explore furniture, home design and decorative elements in person – we think looking for antiques fairs or independent makers is a great way to start feeling out your own sense of style. Once you know what shapes, colours, layouts and textures appeal to you, it’ll be easier to search more directly without outside influences swaying you. And once it’s done, the satisfaction with the process of selecting, prioritising and organising your space alone is bound to make you feel proud.

Browse antiques for interior design inspiration

Forking out to keep up

It’s no secret that our economy is a little tumultuous at the moment – and we’re all noticing the impact on our personal pockets. We’re being warned more than ever to be frugal and save away the pennies for a rainy day while at the same time being inundated with adverts that tell us that what we really really need is a brand new sofa to combat our worries. Well, we’re not so sure. As we've seen from our research, incorporating your personal taste is vital to feeling proud of your home so we'd advise you to limit the noise of trends. This doesn’t mean swearing off screens and scrolling forever but it could mean practising a mindful approach when you’re presented with shiny new interior trends. And it doesn’t mean ignoring all things trends either – but give it time to see if the allure sticks before committing to a certain “look”. After all, repainting a wall can be an effort in itself – replacing a whole set of furniture that’s now “out” can be effortful and very expensive.

Take your time to find styles you really love that can stand the test of time. It could pay to choose classic shapes and neutral colours that can be easily adapted over the years (for example, buy a new patterned throw rather than re-upholstering your whole sofa!).

Opt for neutral tones in your interior design as a base

Invest in getting cosy

Recent research has indicated that one of the most important factors to get right in your home to ensure it’s a positive space is how cosy it is. If you are going to spend money on improving your home, one of the most effective ways you can do it is to choose elements that enhance your comfort. There are a few ways to achieve this.

Firstly, if you’re looking for furniture items you’re likely to spend plenty of time on or in, give them a test drive before you commit to them to ensure they’re the necessary level of comfort for you. Try your nearest Dreams showroom to try out how springy or soft your perfect mattress might be. Visit Sofa.com to explore an array of different styles, colours and fabrics and see what might best suit you. Our top advice? Opt for comfort over style to stand the test of time.

A second point to consider is which layout might be most suitable for creating cosiness in the home. While the popularity of open-plan spaces doesn’t seem to be lessening any time soon, there is some suggestion that opting for a more broken-plan layout could be conducive to creating private, cosy areas.

Lastly, consider selecting finishing touches that elevate your comfort at home such as throws and blankets, scent diffusers and textured rugs.

Ditching trends in general is a viable choice for building your perfect interior design but when it comes to the overall effect, picking and choosing elements from enduring trends can’t hurt. There are some easy-to-emulate trends that truly stand the test of time. One of these is layering neutral tones like whites, beiges and creamy colours. Here are some ideas for experimenting with neutrals from Homes & Gardens. Another simple trend to implement in your own home is weaving in natural elements – otherwise known as biophilic design. This can extend to installing water features and planting trees into the structure of the home, but to make it a little cheaper and easier, we suggest choosing more achievable elements such as fresh flowers, house plants or dried flowers.

Inspiration not instruction

When it comes to reimagining your home, it’s best to lead with your taste. That being said, it can be tricky to know where to start so we recommend exploring sites like Pinterest to gather inspiration (and if you choose Resi for your project, you can share these with your architect to help inform their direction). Some other great resources are Design Inspiration by House Beautiful and following design and interior design hashtags on Instagram. Collate your sources to create a moodboard that feels perfectly you – getting it right at this stage will help you create a home that your pride can stand the test of time in.

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