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10 design tricks to create a light and bright bathroom

The desire to create breathtaking living spaces can sometimes leave bathrooms ignored and wholly uninspired. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Here are our top design tips to help you create a light and bright bathroom.

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When designing our dream homes, the desire to create breathtaking living spaces can sometimes leave bathrooms ignored, cramped, dimly lit and wholly uninspired. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Regardless of the size you’re working with, there are loads of handy design tips to help you create a light and bright bathroom. Here are our top 10...


Getting natural light into your bathroom is essential for creating a bright and healthy space, and windows are the first port of call for many wanting to make this possible. But it’s not just the size you need to think about, there is style, position and even shape that will impact on brightness.

Special shape windows, such as semi-circle or circular windows, will not typically open, meaning they do not ventilate. These specialist windows are often used in conjunction with a traditional window, allowing for ventilation and more natural light.

You can also consider window position for optimal brightness. If a bathroom wall is east-facing, you can position windows to catch the sunrise and create a bright space for starting the day. You can also position them high up the wall for privacy, or use lower windows with frosted glass which maintains privacy and still lets natural light pass through.


Want even more natural light to beam directly from the heavens? Skylights are an excellent addition for brightening a bathroom, and in some cases can be positioned tactfully to light up a specific feature. Why not fit one over your shower so you can bathe in the morning sun, as well as water?

Skylights also work effectively in loft bathrooms due to their angled ceilings. Lofts are a good place to look for wasted space in the home and are often used to build additional bathrooms and bathroom ensuites. If you are looking to convert some dead loft space, get some free advice from our experts.

Loft bathroom with skylights


Mirrors are not just for reflecting faces, they also reflect natural light around your bathroom space. Positioning a mirror in coordination with a window or skylight can ensure a brighter overall space. You might even choose to have more than one mirror, bouncing the light even further.

If the brightness of your bathroom design is ever in doubt, just remember: the bigger the mirror, the better!


Mirrors aren’t the only things that reflect. Glossy tiling is a super stylish addition to a bathroom that can help bounce light around, as well as provide a practical waterproofing alternative to wall space.

If you don’t like tiles, alternatives include wood panelling, stone and exposed brick, though these do not have reflective qualities and rely more on sources of light to brighten your space. This could mean a bigger window, skylight or more ambient lighting.

Reflective appliances

If your appliances and features can also reflect light, it’s only going to make your bathroom appear brighter. You can look to sinks, showers, shelving and baths to make this possible, with materials like metal, copper, marble, porcelain and glass - whatever fits with your desired bathroom theme.

Bathroom interior, his and hers sinks

Paint and colour

Glossy paints are again another example of reflective surfaces adding to the brightness of your bathroom, but you should also consider your colour scheme throughout. Bright monochromatic colour schemes will make a space seem lighter and are particularly effective if you are working with a modestly sized bathroom.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is for filling in the gaps of a space and is crucial for a bathroom, particularly if you’re going to be spending lots of time bathing and relaxing. Downlights and recessed downlights are a common and effective choice, creating a bright and welcoming space.

But don’t be afraid to look to more creative ambient lighting options in your bathroom. Pendant lights and chandeliers can bring a touch of class while cove lights offer a unique, futuristic feel.

Accent lighting

You might want to light up some specific features in your bathroom, which can either be done with a well placed skylight or with accent lighting. Mirror lamps are a stylish and practical accent lighting choice, perfect for illuminating your face in the morning, while LED strip lights are often used to give a modern and sleek feel to a feature or space.

The first step with your accent lighting is to identify which features you want to accentuate. How about a funky bath like this one?

Bathtub with accent lighting

Wet room

A wet room is a totally waterproof bathroom, often tiled, with a shower at floor level. Wetrooms can appear much more open than traditional bathrooms, particularly with the use of glass doors, allowing light to travel throughout the entire space. Their openness and accessibility makes them ideal for futureproofing a home, while they still offer lots of room for stylistic choices.

Thinking of adding a wetroom into your home? Get free project advice from our professionals.


We all recognise the features that make up a bathroom, but how they end up situated can have a huge impact on the brightness and overall quality of the space. Positioning features in relation to windows, skylights and other structural quirks can aid the reflection of light, help light flow and reduce the risk of unwanted glare.

When it comes to layout and design, nobody is better suited to help than an architect. At Resi, our architects have been responsible for hundreds of bathroom projects, and offer free project advice for anyone looking to transform their home. Book your free consultation here.

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