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House extension ideas: before and after photos

Don't miss these dramatic home transformations as our architects walk you through some of their favourite projects.

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Are you in the mood for some home inspiration? If the answer is yes, then brace yourself for some before and after delights.

While we all love to see the finished product, knowing where a homeowner started out can be vital to seeing the potential in your own space. After all, those fancy glass structures might feel out of your league until you see how dated the property was beforehand.

So if you’re ready to be impressed, here’s some of the best before and afters from our portfolio…

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This property had plenty of unloved space available to expand their home into, yet living in a semi-detached, they also had their neighbours to think about. Therefore, in order to transform their long (and cramped) kitchen, they would need an architect to help balance their needs with those common neighbour concerns…

  • Loss of privacy
  • Overshadowing
  • Noise pollution

To achieve this, and get the space this household required, our designers opted for a side extension. Taking the building out into that dead space at the side of the kitchen. This allowed us to create an open-plan kitchen diner, along with creating stunning views of the garden with those large sliding doors.

Because of the size of this extension, we also took this project through a full planning application, where our consideration of the surrounding properties helped us secure approval.

Learn more about this project.

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When this homeowner realised their growing family would need more space they faced a classic dilemma, improve their current abode or move?

Not wanting to lose the community they had grown to love so much, they decided to explore what could be done with their existing space. This is where Resi came in. Our designers knew that though the home didn’t have bags of space towards the rear, it did have an alley that was bringing very little to the household. Therefore we designed a side return that would transform this maisonette.

One thing the family were keen to do, was put their money into classic design features. Rather than splash out on a bespoke kitchen, they went with a simple IKEA model and used the budget they saved for some real WOW factor.

The most impressive of these investments is that glass ceiling with exposed steel frames. Complete with privacy glass (to stop their neighbours peering inside) this brings in plenty of natural light - not to mention plenty of selling powering down the line when looking for future buyers.

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Having never taken on a home project before, this family were thrilled to find Resi’s services. Their newly bought bungalow in Warrington was in desperate need of a makeover, and they wanted an architect’s keen eye to help them make the most of their new purchase. Wanting not only a space designed for a growing family but one that would prove a good investment in the future.

In order to give this family the space they deserved, we added a large rear extension onto the back of the property. Complete with bi-fold doors and a glass lantern roof, this bright and open space is now perfect for family cook sessions and garden parties. Rather than have all the rooms split up, this kitchen and diner also includes a living space. Meaning when it comes to those daily meals, the whole family can be together throughout.

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Fancy your own before and after makeover? Book in a consultation with our team. Our experts can evaluate your home and reveal hidden potential you might have not even known was there - all free of charge!

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