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Modern entryway ideas - how to style yours

What better way to create a wow effect for your guests than a stylish modern entryway? Set the right ambience for your home with our modern entryway ideas.

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The entryway of your home is the first thing that guests see when they arrive and the last thing you see when you head out in the morning. Curating the space directly by your front door is a fantastic opportunity for creating the ambience you want the rest of your home to have. We discuss modern entryway ideas for your own home, from the practical to the purely pleasing.

What is an entryway?

An entryway does pretty much what it says on the time: it is the way that you get into somewhere. In this context, we’re talking about it as the part of the home that welcomes you at very first glance when you enter it. Most of the time, this will be directly by the front entrance and could be part of a larger room, whether you have an open plan layout or a broken plan layout made distinct with a separate hallway.

Why modern entryway ideas matter:

The first thing you see when you open your front door sets an important tone for the rest of your house. Whether you like returning to a relaxing, peaceful environment or you prefer a characterful, thought-provoking space that gets your creative juices flowing, there are plenty of modern entryway ideas to suit you. We take a look at some of the key features that define a modern entryway and how you can adopt or adapt some of them for your own home to achieve the atmosphere you want.

Choosing a sideboard for your entryway

Ultimately, whether you opt for a sideboard for your entryway will probably be determined to an extent by how much room you have to play with by your front door. Sideboards are a popular, generally freestanding storage solution that offers space to tuck away practical items like shoes, keys (of course!) and umbrellas for last minute dashes to the shops on rainy days. They come in a range of styles, materials and sizes so you can pick the perfect option to fit your space.

Plenty of homes in the UK have limited space immediately to the front entrance. Narrow hallways with radiators are common, meaning that sideboards wouldn’t be a practical solution. Radiator covers are a fantastic way of creating an additional surface that offer more space for items like a small key bowl or a welcoming plant for a touch of greenery. If you’re not keen on the radiator you have installed but you’re not ready to invest in fitting a brand new one, they’re a great way of transforming the space.

Modern entryway ideas: practical storage solutions

We carried out an investigation in 2023 to determine which factors of our homes had the biggest sway on our happiness within it. We asked over 2,000 people a series of questions to learn more and found that those who report being most stressed by their homes and experiencing conflicts in the home refer to lack of organisation and storage. We can gather from this that a home that does make you feel happy or content will be one where you have sufficient organisation and storage. So, how do we carry this finding over into how we build entryways in our homes? Here are just a few ideas:

Take a peek at this beautiful modern entryway idea from a real Resi project in South London© Matt Gamble

Key organisers

If your radiator cupboard or sideboard is too narrow or already looking a little too cluttered for your liking and a traditional key bowl doesn’t take your fancy, opt for a wall-mounted key organiser. This is a particularly great option for forgetful household members and Etsy has a fun range of designs so that you can pick one to perfectly capture your family’s personality.

Coat racks

While we don’t recommend overloading your entryway with the entire contents of your wardrobe, having a place to store a few practical jacket options can save you a lot of time if you’re rushing out of the door in unpredictable weather conditions. This can be particularly true if you have little ones that you need to dress as well as yourself.

Wall-mounted hooks are a great option for more narrow entryways and, if you do have kids, you can even fix a personalised label for them at a lower height to encourage them to tidy themselves. IKEA has a huge range of fun designs aimed at children. If you’re seeking a more classic, sophisticated style, choose more simple designs like this simple design from Cotswold Company.

If you have a little more room to play with and your front door opens onto an open plan space or a foyer, you might want to consider a freestanding coat rack that can double up as a practical choice and a statement piece.

Shoe storage

If you’re a shoes-off house, you’ll probably find that your entryway has to be regularly purged of piles of shoes. Even with the most stringent cleaning routine, shoes by the front door seem to just pile up if they’re not organised correctly. That’s why we’d always suggest having shoe storage available to keep your entryway in check and the floors clear so that the task of clearing the shoes doesn’t dissuade you from hoovering (we’ve all been there).

There are plenty of practical, stylish combined coat and shoe racks available, as well as low level free standing shoe shelves or cabinets. If you’re particularly squeezed for space, these narrow fold-out options are fantastic.

Under stairs cupboard

If you have an under stairs cupboard close to the entrance of your home, there are two main approaches to opt for. One, you can knock into the under stairs cupboard and create more space so your home feels more spacious. Or, you can use the tucked away space to hide away all your clutter.

Considering rearranging the layout of your home to utilise under stairs cupboard space? Book a free advice call with one of our friendly team members to explore your options. If you’d prefer to use your under stairs cupboard for storage, look into practical shelving and back-of-door hanging solutions.

Open plan entryway ideas

Whether you have an existing entryway that’s open plan as you enter your front door or you want to create one, there are a number of ways to utilise and enjoy the space. Here are just a few:

Create an open plan space

There are plenty of households that opt for home renovations that change the layout to an open plan style. This can be for a number of reasons but enhancing the sociability and connectedness of the household are often cited as reasons alongside creating a sense of more space. If you’re tempted to reconfigure your space into an open plan design, book a free call with one of our in-house experts today.

Build a cosy reading nook

If you have enough space available as you enter your home (particularly if you have an under stairs cupboard you want to knock through), consider creating a cosy reading nook. Whether you use the space to finally read the classics, chill out with a podcast or simply enjoy a moment of calm, it could be a fantastic addition to your home. Having this close to the entryway of your home will serve as a reminder that home is for unwinding and make it easier to truly relax while you’re at home.

Add some seating

Open-plan entryways (or even large foyer-style entryways) could do with having a cost seat or sofa. This will create a calming, informal atmosphere that’ll make you, other housemate members and guests feel right at home on arrival. We love these irresistibly squishy loveseat sofas from Loaf.

Personalise the space

Another finding from our 2023 Happy Homes report was that you’re more likely to be content with your home if it feels reflective of who you are. This means introducing some personal touches that make the space feel unique to you and your household. Here are a few ideas for how you can create a sense of personality in your entryway:

Bold colours and prints

However you choose to decorate your entryway space, be bold, ditch the trends and opt for colours and prints that inspire you. Get inspired by sites like Instagram, Pinterest or even the Resi portfolio but don't feel afraid to go your own way. And, when it comes to selecting prints for your entryway, you could opt for images that truly reflect your own taste. We love this example from a real-life Resi client who’s chosen a vintage Martini poster for his brand new kitchen:

Choose unique prints for your own modern entryway© Matt Gamble

Feature furniture or lighting

Make a feature out of furniture or lighting in your entryway to create a truly unique feeling space and fun focal points that make coming home feel like a treat. Choose unique items like wall mirrors in various shapes and sizes and floor lamps with sophisticated lampshades.

If you’re looking to transform the layout of your home but you’re unsure where to begin, book a free advice call with one of our in-house team members today.

Design your own extension

With Resi Ready, you do the designs yourself on our whizz bang tech configurator. It’s the simplest way to get a spiffy new home extension.

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