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Bring your cooking passion to life with your perfect kitchen

Take your cooking passion to the next level with these great approaches to create your perfect kitchen.

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Cooking today feels like so much more than just a means to an end. For those of us that are lucky enough to pick and choose ingredients we love, experimenting with recipes is an opportunity to get creative, unwind and even entertain friends and family. If cooking feels like a focal point of your day and you’re ready to heat up your cooking passion, explore these great ways of adapting your kitchen to take your hobby to the next level.

Set the scene with great kitchen lighting

When it comes to curating your ideal kitchen, creating your ideal light arrangement is vital. Do you prefer a slow cooking session to help you unwind at the end of the day or do you follow Ottolenghi-style recipes with razor-sharp precision? Either way, you’ll need enough light to see what you’re doing but it’s more of an art form than that. Finding the right lighting for you can create an atmosphere that suits your cooking style and allows you to explore your cooking passion in a totally individual way.

Choose skylights for natural light

If you want to make the most of daylight hours for your cooking adventures, natural light will be your saving grace. Installing skylights in your kitchen is a fantastic way to bring natural light in, meaning you can see more, soak up those all-important sun rays and save money on electricity bills at the same time. Skylights come in a huge array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. Browse Houzz for skylight inspiration or book a free advice call with one of our consultants to learn more about your options.

Skylights to perfect your kitchen

Choose under-cabinet lights for ambience and illumination

Under-cabinet lighting is both functional and stylish. They’re an easy-to-install way of transforming your kitchen into a multi-functional space. Amp up the light on your kitchen counter for meticulous cooking tasks and super speedy chopping or keep them as a backdrop for a warmly lit glass of wine at the end of a batch cook. And if you’ve recently invested in eye-catching new surfaces, it’s a fantastic way of showing them off. Read our article on how to choose the perfect kitchen lighting for more inspiration.

Choose spotlights for focus and attention

Tackling a brand new recipe or experimenting with your own mix of ingredients can leave your kitchen cluttered, splattered and generally hard to manage. A huge benefit of the reliable old spotlight fixture for kitchens is the wealth of light they give off that simply makes organising your kitchen space easier, leaving you to explore your cooking passion without the hassle. And don’t be fooled by their reputation as a sensible choice, they come in a range of innovative shapes, styles and sizes.

Explore the shiny new world of smart kitchen appliances

Take your cooking passion to the next level and invest in a kitchen of the future with some sleek new smart appliances – they’re set to be a huge trend for 2023. We explore how cutting-edge new technology could make your hobby a truly integrated part of your home life.

Alexa, search ‘smart ovens!’

Smart ovens can truly do it all and for any aspiring chef or dedicated home cook, they’re a touch of luxury that could really change how your kitchen is run. What does doing it all look like? Some are self-cleaning and some have technology that offers you recipe ideas with easy-to follow-steps (yes, really!). And some allow you to monitor cooking via an in-oven camera that you can access on your phone – so you can be enjoying your bath or a cocktail outside without having to run in to check in on the food. Take a deep dive into the brave new world of smart ovens with this guide from Which.

High tech extractors

If big, obstructive extractor hoods are cramping your kitchen style , the new wave of high tech, built-in stove-top extractor fans will be welcome news. BORA’s sleek systems feel like a step into the future and Cookology’s impressive technology looks set to innovate your cooking experience entirely. Marion, Co-founder at Plum Living shared: “At Plum we love ingenious elements that are seamlessly integrated into a kitchen - we recently spotted invisible induction hobs, which were totally integrated into a worktop, as well as counter-level extractor fans. Perfect for creating a sleek look." Sauté away without having to worry about airing out the room afterwards.

Take pride in your perfect kitchen organisation

DIY kitchen organisation

Having a dedicated space for your ingredients and utensils is the best way to clear the way for a cooking extravaganza. Consider knocking up a spice rack with these DIY ideas from Pinterest and labelling them for a uniform look and ease of finding for when you’re following a recipe.

Organising your perfect kitchen

Kitchen solutions that make organising easy

If in your excitement for exploring your next cookbook, you’ve fast-forwarded to the ingredients page and stocked up in advance, you might be finding condiments, spices and herbs leaking out onto your counters. Save that sacred countertop space for chopping, dicing and slicing with abandon and think about some clever storage solutions that could revamp your entire space.

If you’re a keen DIY-er and have gaps in between your cupboards, install some nifty shelves in between. Empty out old drawers filled with festive tea towels that never see the light of day and half-burned birthday candles you’ve been hanging on to and dedicate the space to clear and labelled storage for the stuff you really use.

Share your cooking passion with a kitchen made for entertaining

If the true joy in cooking for you comes in sharing it with loved ones then your dream kitchen is probably one that accommodates a crowd. Kitchen extensions come in many shapes and sizes and can be a fantastic way of opening up more space for hosting. Read more about the different types in this guide and use our Quick Quote Calculator for an insight into what it could cost you. If you’re not ready to go full throttle with your kitchen renovation, there are other ways you can create your very own restaurant at home.

Invest in a large kitchen island for dining

Kitchen islands have long been a great solution for storage and sleek layouts. But now they’re getting bigger to make room for guests so if sharing your cooking is where you find true culinary delight, it’s something to consider. Explore Architectural Digest for inspiration for how your kitchen could be transformed by an island.

Pendant lighting over island seating

For an intimate, calming atmosphere, pendant lights over a kitchen island are a really popular feature. Whether you're looking for something simple or more ornate, pendants give off a warm glow, making them perfect for creating ambience as you serve your guests your best new plates.

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How to best light your kitchen?

You can illuminate your kitchen thanks to skylights and under-cabinet lights for example.

How to organise your kitchen?

For an organised kitchen you can use dedicated spaces for your ingredients, such as spice racks, and reorganise shelves with the stuff you really use.

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