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How to keep your house cool - keep cool ideas for home

When temperatures rise and your home stores heat, it can become very unpleasant. Here's how to keep your house cool in the summer.

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Thanks to the typical weather in the UK (it’s a cliche for a reason!), we rarely think about how our homes respond to summer until it’s scorching outside. We’re not immune to this and, with this season’s sunny climes, we’re thinking about ideas for keeping cool in the summer at home. We discuss everything from ventilation alterations to exciting, standout additions for you to decide what works for your property.


It’s not the sexiest topic but, when the temperatures outside are soaring, you’ll be grateful that you invested in the ventilation ability of your home. We recently discussed how ventilation is just as important as insulation but much more rarely emphasised when it comes to improving your home. It doesn’t take much to work out that this is down to our worries being occupied with staying warm in winter and the energy cost to achieve this. However, without good ventilation, insulation can only perform so well and you risk lack of oxygen, ill health and mould.

There are a few ways to dodge the stuffy, still air that can come with sticky summer days. Here are just a few to consider:

Throw open the windows!

The great news about improving the ventilation in your home is that at least one of the options available is totally free of charge. To circulate the air, refresh your rooms and banish toxins that may be lingering from cleaning products or cooking, crank open your windows and enjoy the breeze. However, if it's hot outside, consider opening windows in the evening once the sun has gone down or early in the morning. Otherwise you should keep them closed to not allow hot air in.

Crank open the windows, enjoy the breeze and keep cool this summer

Install an extractor

If you’re looking to redesign or renovate your kitchen, make sure that installing an extractor fan that links to an exterior vent is near the top of your list. This will help to remove the moisture from the air while you cook, preventing it from getting steamy – something you certainly want to avoid in the summer months when you’re already seeking solace from the heat.

Speak to your architect or designer about how to best integrate an extractor fan into your revamped kitchen – particularly if you’re altering the space and general layout. And, rest assured, that extractor fans have come a long way from large, bulky, metallic machinery that looks simply built for purpose.

There are plenty of subtle ways for extractor fans to be installed that complement the chosen kitchen aesthetic. There’s brand new technology that’s brought us incredibly sleek, in-built stove-top extractor fans that won’t take up vital real-estate in the room. BORA’s futuristic systems and Cookology’s impressive technology could innovate your space and enhance your home’s ventilation significantly.

Go al fresco

While extractor fans can significantly help to ventilate your kitchen, another great way of keeping your home cool is to avoid using the oven. It’s a great excuse to try out fresh salad recipes or improve your everyday barbecuing skills. We love this inspirational cookbook totally dedicated to the huge variety of salads – it’s aptly named Salads are More than Leaves.

Don’t fight the system

Although it’s a more expensive option than some of our previous suggestions, installing a Positive Input Ventilation system (often in the loft) is a fantastically effective way of circulating the air in your property and ensuring that it’s kept cool in the summer months. It effectively pumps fresh air into the home, improving air circulation by watering down and dispelling stagnant air.

Outdoor shower

If you have enough garden space, installing an outdoor shower can be an extremely satisfying addition to your home throughout the summer months. Whether your garden is secluded enough to have a freestanding shower that you can keep cool under or you’re looking for a cubicle structure for a little more security and the option of warm water for chillier nights, there’s one for you.

There are plenty of simple, elegant outdoor showers that simply connect to a hose in your garden and feed the water through for a revitalising splash. We love this wooden shower and stand from Wayfair – it’s weather resistant and pared back so it can blend in with your garden throughout the year and cool you down in style when it comes to summer. And for those who’d prefer a little privacy, this guide by the Sustain my Craft Habit blog outlines how to build your own cosy outdoor shower stall. If you’d like the option of a hot shower to unwind at the end of the day once the sun’s gone in, read this guide from The Spruce for how to get it set up in your garden.

Keep cool with a refreshing outdoor shower in your garden

Conservatory tips

Conservatories are often opted for by homeowners who want to maximise their connection to their gardens and the world outside. Their highly-glazed structure allows a relatively unobstructed view so you can enjoy the outdoor area of your home in full. However, once we reach the peak of summer, these rooms can become hot, stuffy and difficult to spend time in. Here are just a couple of simple ways to keep cool in your conservatory this summer.

Create the shade

One of the simplest ways of keeping your conservatory cool and reducing its humidity is to opt for high-quality blinds that fit the specifications of each glazed segment. This will prevent sun rays from coming in and elevating the temperature during the hottest parts of the day and ensure that, once the evening comes around you can comfortably relax or dine inside. Hillarys are renowned blind experts and have numerous options to suit your home. Alternatively, consult an interior design specialist such as My Bespoke Room who offer expert insight without the high price tag.

Refresh your roof

Opting for a solid tile roof in place of some of the glazing on your conservatory is a great way of adapting your home to improve its energy efficiency. This doesn’t just mean that it reduces the amount of heat absorbed during the day in summer to keep you cooler, it can also lock in warmth from central heating during the winter to keep you warm. With a more practical roof, less energy will be required to cool and heat your home – a bonus for your home comfort and your energy bills.

If you’re looking to make any structural or design changes to your property to help keep it cooler in summer, book a free consultation with one of our in-house experts to discuss your options.

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