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Garden room extension ideas to get you thinking

Discover the versatility of a garden room extension with this comprehensive breakdown of what you could create, including: a gym, office, bedroom, kitchen and more!

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You might find yourself wondering: what is a garden room?

Garden rooms are a cost-effective and simple option for adding value, style, and space to your home. A practical alternative to the traditional extension, a garden room is a free-standing structure that provides a quiet, private and separate place to work, play or simply relax.

Providing just enough distance from the distractions of everyday home life, while still being a part of the family home, a garden room expands your home’s footprint and creates abundant space for a myriad of purposes. Blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings, a garden room brings the beauty, solitude and calm of the outdoors in, while providing protection from the elements.

Finally, because it can be constructed–from concept to completion– in a short period of time, reducing costs and disruption to daily life, a garden room is a stress-free alternative to traditional extensions.

Differences between garden rooms and other extensions

For starters, building a garden room does not create the chaos or debris normally associated with traditional home renovations. Because they are usually not connected to the main house, building a garden room is much less disruptive to your daily life.

The separate entrance to the structure prevents workers from tracking dirt through your house and lessens the degree of noise.

Additionally, where traditional additions generally require as much as 2-4 months to build, garden rooms can be constructed in less time. In fact, with pre-fab models, most of the building work takes place off site, so can sometimes take as little as a couple of weeks to erect onsite.

A garden room is one of the most versatile spaces you can add to your home. With a limitless number of uses, a garden room is a perfect space for a home office, art studio, playroom, guest bedroom or yoga studio. And unlike conservatories, which tend to get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, garden rooms are climate controlled, making them comfortable all year round.

Benefits of a garden room over other extensions

  • More cost-effective
  • Quick construction time
  • Non-intrusive
  • Modern and stylish
  • Versatile
  • Private
  • Can be completed under permitted development rights

How to use your garden room

Garden gym

Focus on your fitness in the privacy and convenience of home. From a simple yoga studio to a fully-equipped gym, a garden room gym is the ideal space for getting fit in the convenience of your home.

To get a free quote for your garden gym, contact a Resi expert today.

Garden studio

Because a garden room offers plenty of natural light, it is the perfect space for an art or photography studio, pottery shed or other creative hobby or side business. A peaceful haven, a garden room can be the perfect space in your house to let your creative juices flow.

A garden room office in London, completed in 2020

Garden office

Working from home is now the new normal for many folks. Seamlessly incorporating your work space with your daily life is one of the greatest benefits of a garden office. Because a garden room can have a separate entrance from the main house, and be completely detached, creating a home office in this space provides a professional atmosphere, perfect for conducting online meetings and making business calls, leaving the noise and distractions of family life behind.

But, because it also affords the luxuries of close proximity to family, lots of natural light and a gorgeous view of your natural surroundings, a garden office has more to offer than a professional atmosphere.

At the end of a busy day, you can close your office door and rejoin your family in minutes, eliminating the wasted time and stress of the evening commute. A garden office is a perfect solution for a well-balanced life.

To get a free quote for your garden home office, contact a Resi expert today.

Garden guest room

Your guests will appreciate the privacy and comfort that a garden guest bedroom affords. Climate controlled, the garden guest room is a perfect place for your visiting family and friends no matter what season it may be.

Remember: if you want to create a guest bedroom, your garden room will no longer be classed as an outbuilding and will instead be seen as an annexe. Bedrooms require different planning routes and will most likely require a full planning application. Discuss your project with our team to get tailored planning advice.

A garden room bedroom, located in London and completed in 2015

Garden kitchen

A garden kitchen is perfect for creating delicious meals or snacks for picnics, pool parties, or outdoor events. Add a full second kitchen or just a refrigerator and prep island depending on your needs.

Pro-Tip: Whenever adding plumbing and other kitchen-related utilities to a structure where it did not previously exist, you may require a full planning application and will have to comply with building regulations. Don’t worry! Our expert pros can take care of it for you. Get a quote for our services here.

Playroom for children

Little ones of all ages can play to their heart’s content in their own garden playroom.

Kids will love having their own space, and you’ll feel good knowing they’re close by.

Let them gets a little messy by adding a chalkboard wall and wipeable surfaces to your garden playroom so kids can let their artistic juices flow without destroying walls or furnishings. A garden provides the perfect environment for children to get their hands dirty, but because it isn’t always springtime, a garden playroom allows kids to be surrounded by nature, while staying safe, warm–and clean–inside.

Older kids will appreciate the privacy a garden room affords, giving them their own space for hanging out with friends, studying, or watching tv.

And the good news is, a playroom can be one of the simplest garden room builds and can be constructed in a short period of time.

To get a free quote for your garden playroom, contact a Resi expert today.

Garden room dining room in Warrington, completed in 2018

Open summer dining room

Whether you’re hosting a large holiday dinner or intimate summer brunch, a garden room dining room is the ideal space to offer your guests an al fresco dining experience – minus the bugs and harsh weather.

Pool house

A garden room makes the perfect pool house, providing space for towels, toys, rafts and chairs. Install a shower for the perfect place to wash off and change in privacy.


The natural choice for a greenhouse, the garden room can be customised to suit your needs. Add a wall of windows or skylights to provide maximum natural light for plants all year round. Start seedlings, grow vegetables, or up the ante on your houseplant hobby with a climate-controlled greenhouse.

Ready to get your green thumb on? Contact a Resi expert today for a free quote today.

Multi-purpose room

The versatility of the garden room makes it ideal for a multi-purpose room.

A combo art studio and greenhouse, a playroom and movie theatre, or a home office that doubles as a gym are just a few ways to maximise the use of the space.

A multi-functional garden room (kitchen, diner, living room)

Place to unwind

A garden room has a multitude of functions, but sometimes the best use of the space can simply be as a place for your family to relax, reconnect and enjoy time together. Our experts are here to help you begin creating the space of your dreams.

Whether you’re building a garden room for business or personal use, the space can be reimagined to suit your evolving lifestyle and updated as your family grows. The uses for a garden room are only limited by your imagination.

To get a free quote, calculate costs, or ask about our friendly financing options, contact a Resi expert today!

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