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How and why the architectural practice Resi was built [Podcast]

Resi the architectural practice, has been helping design, finance, and construct projects since 2017. Learn more about how the idea started, what they do, and their increasing focus on environment.

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Resi, the leading architectural practice built in 2017, was created to take consumers on their house renovation journey through a smooth process. They help design, finance, and construct projects in the UK.
Alex Depledge, Resi’s CEO, was invited onto Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future to talk about the company’s first steps and its progression towards the future of housing in the UK.

What is Resi, and where did the idea for it start?

When Resi’s CEO, Alex Depledge, started to undergo a side-return on her house, she quickly realised the experience could be very troublesome. Consumers are often asked to have technical knowledge about renovations and buildings so that they can make the right decisions.
But what would you do if you went into a lab, and a scientist asked you if they were running the right process when you have no knowledge in the field?
This is why Resi was created: to offer consumers a simplified journey and to make their home improvement idea a reality, with quality, at speed and for less.

What are the biggest benefits of the architectural practice Resi, for consumers?

Resi helps consumers put their mind’s in the right place and build a project that suits their current life.
In effect, 99.9% of consumers do not know where to start their renovation or extension project. So Resi offers knowledge through their blog, videos, and their free half an hour consultation with experts to guide consumers through the first steps.
After that, they can carry on a smooth journey to complete their project at speed and with quality, through the all-in-one solution, on Resi’s digital platform: from ideation to completion.

Resi, the architectural practice in a few numbers

Resi continuously help consumers visualise the potential of their house and fulfill their projects:
+4,700 projects already built by Resi.
+6,000 projects in-flight.

Resi’s increasing focus on the environment

Environmental consciousness is of primary importance for the architectural practice, Resi. Their projects are thought and built in a climate-friendly way. This is to take care of the environment, and to provide consumers with much better products.

How do they do it?

When running a project, Resi ensures that the roofs, walls, and floors of the extension/ house are correctly sealed, and that good ventilation is integrated. By doing this, consumers are able to be energy efficient and save money down the line, with a higher quality product.

If you want to learn more about Resi’s first steps, future steps, and why you should call upon them to complete your project, listen to the full podcast here:

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