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Knocking down walls! Resi sponsors Dulwich Hamlet's F.C.

Football and architecture? How do those two things go together? Well, we have a lot more in common than you might think. Find out why we're support the teams in pink and blue here.

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Football season is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Why? Because this year, we’ve become one of Dulwich Hamlet F.C’s official sponsors.

The teams of pink and blue have a very special place in our hearts, so it’s a privilege to be able to support both the men and women who play there. Here’s what brought about this incredible new partnership…

Why we’re sponsoring Dulwich Hamlet F.C

Football and architecture? How do those two things go together?

While on the face of it our two teams might be very different, we actually have a lot in common with Dulwich Hamlet.


Resi works nationwide to improve everyday homes, yet our office is based in South London. Just a small bus ride away from Champion Hill, their famous grounds. No surprise, many of our staff live in this area and are often seen supporting their local club at the weekend.

Here at Resi, we really value community. After all, one of the main reasons people remodel their home is to stay within the area they love. Because of these community values, we wanted to get heavily involved in our own. This means supporting the things that make our little patch of South London great and, ask anyone near us, Dulwich Hamlet’s F.C. is a true pride and joy!

Knocking Down Walls

Did you know that Dulwich Hamlet’s famous motto is: ‘Knocking down walls’?

As the UK’s leading architectural practice, we know a thing or two about knocking down walls. But, word associations aside, this spirit of fighting your way up the ladder and striving for the best definitely resonates with our own goals.

Resi only started in 2016 and yet since then we’ve helped transform over 2000 (and counting) homes across the UK. We’ve already become the largest residential architecture practice in the UK and we’re now ready for more!

So let’s keep knocking down walls (and, in our case, building them back up).

Bringing it home

When it comes to getting caught in a planning nightmare, no one is safe, as Hamlet’s know. They lost their beloved grounds for over a year in a planning dispute. They’re now safely back at home but it just goes to show why everyone needs a good planning expert by their side.

At Resi, we want to ensure no homeowner gets a red card in the planning stage. That’s why we have in-house specialists who can submit your project for planning on your behalf. Less work for you and with a better chance of success.

How you can get involved…

Are you a Dulwich Hamlet F.C. fan?

If you love the pink and blue, plus have a home project you’re dying to get off the ground, now you can kill two birds with one stone. You can help make The Hamlet bigger and better by purchasing a Resi architectural package. You’ll not only receive a £100 discount, but we’ll also donate £100 to the 12th Man Scheme!

Since starting, the funds from the 12th Man Scheme have helped bring on a dozen new and amazing players to the team. By supporting this scheme, you help unlock the club’s potential - as well as the potential in your own home.

To get involved, simply quote ‘DHFC’ when purchasing your package. And if you’re not sure where to start, book in a free consultation with our experts to learn all about what Resi can do for you.

And who knows, you might spot our team at a game near you!

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