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Proposed Design

See your project come to life as we draw up your happy space.

Proposed design


Proposed Design

See your project come to life as we draw up your happy space.

What is proposed design?

Proposed design is one of the most vital steps in your home journey. It’s where you and your designer set out what you want your project to look like. This includes envisioning your future layout, exteriors, and the amount of glazing you wish to include. We can even drop in furniture to help you understand how the spaces will function.

These designs are most concerned with the aesthetics of your household, and are used within the planning stage to get approval from your local authority, should this be required.

You’ll make a lot of key decisions while these drawings are prepared, such as setting out your ideal budget, and assessing what is required under planning and the building regulations. You might need to obtain full planning permission, submit a pre-application, or you could benefit from something known as permitted development rights. If you have planning already, we can also confirm if this is sufficient or if you need to re-apply. At Resi, we make sure your designer is always on hand to talk you through these key considerations. Both through our briefing and design calls, and on your Dashboards messaging feature.

It’s worth noting, because they lack structural details, and other technical aspects, they shouldn’t be used for construction purposes. Proposed design will be upgraded for construction during the building regulations stage.

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Stages of proposed design

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Briefing Call

You and your assigned designer will go through step by step all the elements you want incorporated into your project, running through the brief you created at the start of your Resi journey. They’ll also start sketching out an initial layout, which they’ll then fill out in more detail after your call.

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Preliminary drawings

Using all the information they’ve gathered in your briefing call, your designer will put together a first draft of your drawings, fleshing out the sketch they created during your initial discussion. In order to be submitted for planning, these drawings will include: floor plans, elevations, site plans, and roof plans.

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Design Call

Once your preliminary drawings are ready, your designer will arrange a time to walk you through what they’ve put together. This will be done over the phone, using our screen-share function.

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During your design call, you’ll have the chance to note any initial revisions you might like, plus have time afterwards to put your full set of changes together.

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Final Issue

Revisions submitted, your designer will package up your final designs, ready for planning submission, if this is required.

Next Steps

You’re now ready to apply for planning or to move onto construction

With your proposed designs in hand, you’re now ready to apply for planning approval. Our designers will always create proposed designs that give you the best chance of success, as well as satisfying your unique brief. If you already have planning in place, guidance will be provided on what happens next.

Once you’re ready to proceed to the planning stage, they’ll hand you over to our in-house planning agents.

If you want to visualise your space further, you might consider our 3D model package too. This allows you to see photorealistic images of your project, and even walkthrough the digitally rendered space. These models can be useful when making interior design decisions, or for luring in future buyers.

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The Details

Create your happy space with our expert designers

Who s involved

Who's involved?

Our home experts ensure your project gets the best possible start
  • Early on you’ll be introduced to your assigned designer.
  • At Resi, we always match our customers with a designer that’s perfect for their unique project.
  • In between stages, you’ll be able to reach your designer at any time using your Dashboard’s messaging feature.
What does it cost

What does it cost?

Here’s the ins and outs of our pricing
  • Our concept package starts from £250, rising to £720 with planning, and £900 with both planning and a measured survey.
  • Prices are determined by both the scale of your design, and its complexity.
  • If you wish to include 3D models, these start from £150.
What are the timings

What are the timings?

Completion typically takes 4-5 weeks, which is broken into these stages...
  • Our briefing call typically takes 45-60 minutes.
  • Your preliminary designs will follow within 3-5 working days.
  • Your next design call will be 20-30 minutes.
  • And final issue 3-5 working days.
What are the benefits

What are the benefits?

Having an architect create proposed designs has big advantages for your home
  • Professional quality drawings offer a better chance of planning permission first time round.
  • Our experts can advise on what designs are likely to get planning permission.
  • Resi has designed hundreds of homes to comply with permitted development rights.
  • Better quality of design means more added home value, plus better utilisation of space, so you get the most out of your investment.

Talk to an expert

Not sure which planning route is right for you? Book in a free consultation with our experts.

Understanding the other stages

A step by step guide to creating your happy space

Measured survey

Measured Survey

Our team visits your home to get the existing measurements of your home as it stands today.

Planning Support

We manage your planning process, giving you the best chance of approval first time round.
Building regs

Building Regulations

These highly detailed drawings ensure your building will be safe and legal when constructed.


We find the best professionals near you, so you’re in safe hands throughout the rest of your project.