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Architectural, planning and design expertise in Greenwich

Not sure where to start for your Greenwich extension? Follow our guide to learn all you need to know about planning application and design for your project.

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of extending or renovating your Greenwich home, we're here to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Our team of talented architects, designers, and consultants are ready to offer creative and practical guidance to bring your ideas to life. With over 7,000 projects under our belt, we’re in a great position to lend you a hand.

Worried about securing planning permission? Our experienced team knows every route to give your project the best chance of success. From start to finish, we have you covered - including helping you find the right contractors for your works in your local area. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you.

Why get an extension in Greenwich?

The short answer: when it comes to London living, if you own a home in Greenwich you’ve already pretty much hit the jackpot. It’s hard to disagree that it’s one of the most beautiful and culture-steeped places to live in the capital. In recent years, it’s somewhat enhanced its trendy credentials with a wave of sleek wine bars and innovative street food pop-ups. And leisure aside, it’s a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf (get spoiled with views every morning during a 14 minute commute via Uberboat across the river – seriously, how many Londoners can say they get a boat to work?!).

We’re getting carried away… If you own a home here already, you need no convincing that it’s the place to be. And, if you’re not ready to give it up for a spacious suburban semi but you’re looking to accommodate a growing family, avoid the hassle of moving, or simply increase the space and value of your property, considering an extension is a wise choice. Not only can it provide additional room, but it can also enhance your overall well-being by introducing more natural light and open-plan areas. Moreover, it can improve your home's energy efficiency.

The average price for a property in London over the past 12 months is £723,104, according to Zoopla. In Greenwich specifically, the average is £629,355. This also indicates that it might be cheaper to get an extension on your Greenwich property than try to upsize elsewhere in the capital. But, for those in the know, Greenwich council is notoriously one of the strictest boroughs when it comes to planning regulations. So it’s in your interest to have a team like Resi on board who have insight and knowledge of the process to assist you from start to finish.

To explore the available options, book a free advice call with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

How much does a home extension cost in Greenwich?

Our team of experts can provide approximate cost estimates from our database to give you an understanding of the potential expenses involved in undertaking a house extension in Greenwich. It's important to note that the price of each type of extension can vary significantly based on factors such as the condition of your current property and the scale and complexity of your proposed extension.

  • Single-storey extension: £50.5K
  • Two-storey extension: £83K
  • Rear extension: £59K
  • Side extension: £52K
  • Wraparound extension: £90K

A home extension in Greenwich, by Resi

Getting planning permission for your Greenwich home extension

Statistics for homeowners looking to get a home extension in Greenwich aren’t the most encouraging – approvals for Householder Applications sit at around 71% overall. But don’t let that deter you! Our Planning team has an average of obtaining approval for 91% of the applications they submit.

Among the specific challenges for getting planning approved in Greenwich is its high number of Conservation Areas23 to be exact. Conservation Areas are governed by specific principles that are in place to protect, nurture or improve the area. So, if you’re looking to build a particularly ambitious extension in one of these zones, you’ll want to have the best possible team arguing your case.

Our Planning team have worked across councils, the planning sector and the architecture industry for years so, when faced with challenging rules and regulations, they’re well-equipped to tackle them head-on and give your project the best chance of success.

Whether you’ve already got a project idea in mind, or you just want to find out more about the planning process in your area, book a free advice call to talk it over.

Assembling the right team for your home extension

Our architects, designers and technicians are in a good position to offer advice on the best-suited contractors for your project in your local area. You can contact our Connect team for introductions to local, vetted contractors in your area. These tradespeople have undergone assessment based on various criteria, including Trustmark or FMB affiliation, insurance coverage, past work experience, financial standards, and references from previous customers.

You can explore our Local Professional Search tool for more information. If you're unsure about the professionals you need for your renovation, you can schedule a free advice call with one of our experts.

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