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Planning application support and designers in Reading

If you’re living in Reading and hoping to extend or renovate your home, Resi has the planning expertise, architecture insight and design savvy to get your project from big idea to reality.

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The planning and building regulation process in Reading can be tricky to navigate and it can be unclear to know where to find the right architect, designer or tradespeople for your project. The good news is that we’ve got a fantastic 91% planning approval rate and over 6,000 completed home renovations – 27 in Reading alone – under our belt so your plans will be in experienced hands.

Reasons for getting a home extension in Reading:

Homeowners in some areas of Reading already benefit from beautiful lakeside views, family-friendly clubs and activities, a bustling town centre and just a 35 minute journey into the centre of London. And while house prices are above the UK average at £367.456 and have risen by 9% in just a year (we’re looking at you, Elizabeth Line!), they’re still below the London average of £590,608. This makes Reading property particularly appealing for commuters that want to feel the benefit of proximity to city life and open spaces that are ideal for growing families.

We’re particularly passionate about the potential of renovating or extending certain types of property that could otherwise be dated and inefficient. For example, the majority of Reading’s properties were built in the Victorian era when people flocked to the town for work. They’re often beautiful, striking properties with unique features that are just missing out on space, modern touches or energy efficiency. Some may even be registered at Listed Buildings, which can make seeking planning approval just that bit trickier. A renovation or extension, led by an experienced architect or designer and supported by a planning expert, can give your project the best chance of success.

If you have the available budget, time and space, we believe it’s always worth considering getting a home extension. They can transform your home and create more space, facilitate a total overhaul of the layout and add value to your property. Book a free advice call with one of our friendly consultants to discuss your ideas today.

Approaching planning permission in Reading:

Ready to take your home renovation ideas to the next level but a bit apprehensive about the planning process? You’ll be comforted to know that of 120 Lawful Development Certificates and 31 Larger Home Scheme Applications sought in 2022, the approval rate was 92%. What’s more, of 377 Householder Applications, 96% were approved. A Lawful Development Certificate A Lawful Development Certificate is a document that legitimises your extension at the point of it being constructed so if planning policies change in the future, you’ll be protected from any complaints that could accompany those changes.

These approval odds in Reading are great if you’re looking to undertake a home renovation project but we understand that it’s still not always straightforward, particularly if it’s your first time. With that in mind, we’ve collated some of our top tips for navigating the planning process in Reading.

#1 Do some research about extension projects in your area

It goes without saying that each and every home renovation or extension project is unique and what’s possible for one property doesn’t dictate what may be possible in another. However, it pays to be aware of the types of renovation that have been allowed in your area as they could indicate the extent of possibility for yours. For example, if a neighbour of yours has a similar home to yours and has had been approved by the Larger Home Extension Scheme, it’s likely that you’ll be in with a good chance of having a similar project approved.

Book a free call with our experienced planning team to discuss your ideas in more detail.

#2 Check in with your neighbours

Be a good neighbour and consider how your proposed works may impact next door or surrounding houses. We’d always recommend striving to be on positive terms with your neighbours – it’s not just a nice thing to do, it may be the difference between your build going ahead or not. So, ahead of anything, why not pop round and extend the offer of a cup of tea that so many of us put on our to-do lists and rarely get around to doing.

Important factors to consider include whether the building works you’re hoping to carry out will obstruct your neighbour’s views, reduce the amount of daylight they receive or infringe on the Party Wall Act. There’s a lot to be aware of so it could really benefit you to have the insight and expertise of our in-house planning team on-side to guide you at each step.

#3 Take nature into consideration

Wherever you live, it’s always wise to consider how your project plans may impact the surrounding environment. That being said, Reading isn’t particularly restricted by rules and regulations that relate to environmental aspects such as Conservation Areas, Greenbelts or Listed Buildings. The area only has 15 Conservation Areas, 24 Listed Buildings and no Greenbelts. All in all, there aren’t very many areas of planning restrictions in Reading which is good news for those wishing to extend.

#4 Get insight from Reading Borough Council

One of the most valuable resources if you’re hoping to seek planning permission is to directly explore your local area’s Validation Requirements. You can find the requirements for Reading here. They’re fairly self-explanatory, albeit a little dry and occasionally tricky to understand.

Alternatively, you can speak directly to Reading Council to ask for advice with the contact details listed here. Or, if it just feels a little too premature to get in touch with the council directly, book a free advice call with us to discuss your options.

House extension projects support in Reading

What are the prices for a house extension in Reading?

Along with your vision for your future home space, it’s really important to consider how much each type of project can cost in your area to make sure that you’re able to work within your means and budget appropriately. While each and every project will be different depending on the existing property, the materials used and which professionals you enlist, here’s a snippet of our data from the 27 projects we’ve completed in the Reading areato give you a ballpark figure for each type:

  • Single-storey extension: £43-88K
  • Two-storey extension: £110-113K
  • Rear extension: £60-113K
  • Side extension: £36-111K
  • Wraparound extension: £88K+

Project from the Resi portfolio © Matt Gamble

From planning to designs and builders: how can Resi help?

The short answer is, there’s very little that we’re not able to help with. For each step of your home renovation journey, there’s a branch of Resi that’ll be there to guide, advise or assist you. From the very first steps like getting your existing property surveyed and measured to getting accurate, architectural drawings and innovative designs drawn up to sourcing your contractors, we really are a one-stop-shop for the home renovation process.

Whether you’re a home renovation veteran who simply wants to have a smoother journey or it’s your first time, we can create a personalised course for your project. Book a free advice call to get the ball rolling and find out more about what we can do for you.

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