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How happy is your home?

In 2020, we published the Science of a Happy Home report, sparking a national conversation about how our homes can support our wellbeing.

We wanted to test whether the existing six qualities held up today. So we decided to run the study again.

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The science of a happy home

We all want to live in a happy home. However, when it comes to designing our homes and using them day to day, happiness isn't always at the forefront. We think it should be. That's why, at Resi, we want to change the conversation.

To do this we've surveyed 2,005 UK residents, taking their answers and combining them with the best existing research, to develop The Science of a Happy Home Report.

We now use this report to not only shape the homes we design, but also to push for change in the housing sector at large. Inspired by the report and this aim, our podcast features conversations with expert guests from the world of architecture and design.

We've identified six qualities of a Happy Home

Our research has honed in on six qualities that help create happiness at home.


Adaptable homes are able to meet our changing needs and respond to our daily rhythms, as well as the long term changes in our lives.


A home is a place to connect, giving us the space to interact with family and friends while also maintaining our relationship to the outside world.


Who we are should shape where we live. A home should be a mirror which reflects our values and personalities - uniquely tailored to who we are.


To be nourishing our homes should provide the conditions we need to thrive, optimising everything from light levels to air and sound quality.


After a long day our home should help us switch off, with spaces that make us feel calm, comfortable and at ease.


Homes that are secure provide us with shelter, safety and stability, and we don’t have too much to worry about in terms of looking after them.

“I thought my home was a happy space, but I can now see how much room there is to improve this…”

Sandra, London