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A seaside new build in West Sussex

A seaside new build in West Sussex

This Arun new build enjoys gorgeous views of the water

When you want to build a home by the sea, surely the views have got to be a top priority? Our architects went out of their way to make the stunning views an integral part of this West Sussex new build in Arun.

Ground floor rear

Loft main dormer

Whole house flat conversion

Whole house flat conversion

Furniture modelling

Whole house new build



Planning authority

Arun Council

Year of completion



£300,000 - £300,000

Project details

When you’re building a home from scratch, it’s always good to have a motif in mind. For this seaside property, our designers wanted to make the most of the gorgeous horizon and create breathtaking views.

Repurposing the existing structure

In order to create this stunning new design, we needed to remove the existing home that stood facing the coast. However, we didn’t want the entire structure to go to waste. We used parts of the existing structure to form the foundation of this home, allowing the project to be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Living side by side

This project was commissioned by a son looking to ensure his parents had enough space and care in their retirement years. This meant it was important that the house provides individual living quarters, allowing any carers and the residents to feel like they have their own private spaces to personalise and enjoy.

Mobility was also a key issue in the design process. To ensure all residents would be able to enjoy the stunning views at the top of the property, as well as navigate the entirety of the house, we included a lift that sits next to the stairwell. This feature was then assessed and signed off by our building regulations team, who help us make sure our beautiful designs are technically safe and achievable while on site.

Room with a view

You can’t build a home near the coast and not make those views a centrepiece of your home. At Resi, we’re experts in wellness-focused design and our Happy Homes research has shown us that connecting to outdoor spaces can have a big boost to your happiness in your home, so we knew how important it was to get a viewing platform right.

While all the rooms benefit from beautiful glazing, the top floor is where things start to get really interesting. Our designers have created a large balcony with plenty of space for seating, where the owners can sit back and watch the tides come in. We’ve also included wall to wall bi-fold doors, along with a glass ceiling, so even inside the coast and sunshine still shines.

Meet Mark, the Lead Designer

It’s always a thrill to work on a new build project, especially when it sits in such an inspiring location. Along with making the most of the West Sussex coastline, I really wanted to make this a home that caters to communal living. You can see on the top floor how much space we’ve given to the living area, offering plenty of spots for people to sit together and enjoy what the area has to offer together.

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