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Why are some architects cheaper than others?

Why are some architects so expensive, while others seem cheap as chips? The answer - or answers - might surprise you!

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Whether you’re extending, converting, or renovating your home, an architect is one of the best assets you can have. Their expertise on design and planning means your project runs smoother, looks better, and gets the most out of your space. Yet when it comes to finding an architect, many homeowners are confronted with an industry of fluctuating price tags.

Why are some architects so expensive, while others seem cheap as chips?

Here’s what’s really going on behind those numbers…

Team size

One of the first things that affects an architect's rates are the number of people they have in their team. Big teams tend to cost more than one man bands.

It can be tempting, when looking for a good deal, to focus more on the lone local architect who’s willing to give a good price, and seems to offer a more personal service. It could be that you do get what’s on the tin. However, there is a downside to having a smaller team working on your project. If you’re not their only client, and their other customer’s work becomes more time intensive, you could be looking at delays in your own project. There’s only so many hours in the day, and in order to compensate for cheap prices, a small team might take on more work than they can handle.

Likewise, if you go for a larger team, make sure you know who’s doing the work at any given time. You don’t want to see quality suffer from too many cooks in the kitchen.

Number of projects done a year

How many projects an architect does a year can affect the price. They may only take on a few each year, meaning those they do book in have to bring in a lot of revenue for the business. This is especially true if the architecture firm has high overheads, like a larger team or fancy office. Small local architects can afford to take on less projects, so can be more cost effective for homeowners.

However, you’ll still want an architect with a strong body of residential work that’s close to the project you have in mind. The more projects they’ve completed, the more experience they’ll have with planning policy, and different home types. If you’re getting a classic rear extension, don’t waste your time on a firm that mostly specialises in arty new builds.

Scale of your work

Speaking of arty new builds, the scale of your work is going to be a big factor in the price.

Prices can go up and down, depending on…

  • Number of floors affected
  • Complexity of features
  • Size of the space and rooms
  • Whether it’s an extension or a new build

Awards and previous work

No surprise, but those fancy architecture awards don’t come cheap. If a firm has high prestige from either an award, or from a well noted piece of work, it’s likely their services will come at a premium.

Of course, as we’ve already pointed out, classic home improvements won’t need the artistic flare you get from the winner of a Dezeen Innovation award, who designs the homes of multi-millionaires. You probably just want a good loft conversion, from an architect who knows loft conversions like the back of their hand.

How Resi’s prices work

At Resi, we want to make great home design accessible for every UK homeowner. That means we offer a cost-effective service, with none of the compromise on results. But how?

We work online, and use the latest tech to minimise the need for home visits. Not only that, our online platform has created a streamlined process, so we know how to effortlessly guide you through to construction with no delays, or back log of work on our end.

Unlike local architects, we’re far from small fry. We have a strong team of over 40 designers, meaning you get the experience and know-how a team that’s turned over 1000 successful projects in the last year. More experience means a better service.

But don’t think we don’t offer that personal touch either! You’ll be paired with an architect that’s perfect for your home. Our platform’s messaging service means you can contact them when you need them most - no long waits or missed meetings.

All our packages are tailored to your project, with no hidden fees snuck in down the line. To get an idea of our prices, why not try our quick quote tool? Or take a gander at the packages we have on offer?

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