How much do architects charge?

Last updated Friday 04 May 2018

Second to actually buying your home, an extension will be one of the biggest financial investments you under take. But don’t let that put you off! Extensions are a sure fire way of adding value onto your home, not to mention, a great way to avoid moving in an unstable housing market.

There are many costs involved with home extension. With architecture, there are many different stages involved in to process, and they all have their own individual costs. This is important to remember, as many firms lure customers in with low starting fees, which they’ll then make up by upping the costs towards the end of the project.

At Resi, we want to be transparent as possible with our pricing, and to help you avoid being burned elsewhere, here’s what you need to know…

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What services do architects charge for on an extension?

Here’s what a typical architect will charge for an extension built in the UK.

On-site consultation

Many firms will offer this "for free", but the cost (around £250) will be built in down the line.

Planning package

This includes a measured survey, preliminary designs, design development and preparing the application documentation for planning permission or a lawful development certificate. Expect to pay around £1500-£2000 for a standard extension or loft conversion.

3D renders

If you want 3D renders, add on another £500-1000.

Building regulations

If you're asking your architect to prepare a detailed design in accordance with building regulations, or to oversee structural engineers and party wall surveyors, expect to pay in the region of £1500.

In total, this could mean spending £3750-£4750 before your build even starts.

Hidden Costs of Architecture

Above are the basics UK architects will charge for when building an extension. However, you may also find some other charges sneaking in...

If you're asking your architect to project manage and administer the project, expect to pay 10%-15% of the total contract sum in fees. Even if you're paying by the hour, expect fees to be in the range of £50 - £90, depending on what you’re asking them to do. These costs can quickly add up.

The thing is, most projects don’t require a huge amount of (expensive) inspiration. In fact, too much invention might actually harm your build - adding expense without directly contributing to the value of your home. Bungalow, detached, semi-detached or terrace; there are plenty of tried-and-tested ways to expand your space to its ideal proportions without reinventing the wheel (or paying someone £2000+ to reinvent it for you!).

How much does Resi charge?

Compared with traditional architect firms, we’ve been able to cut costs just by making intelligent decisions about how to streamline the design process. It’s better for you, and ultimately it’s better for us.

Starting out, we offer three basic packages.

Concept - From £250

Designed for those at the initial stages of planning a home improvement project. Our Concept Package keeps things simple, and is perfect for anyone exploring their home's possibilities.

Planning - From £720

If you’re looking for permitted development and planning application support, this is the package for you. We ask you to supply existing drawings of the property and then take it from there.

Existing drawings can include:

  • Estate agent plans: when you bought your house there were probably plans created for an online listing. You provide or we find these, and then ask you to cross check them. We'll even guide you through the measured survey process using detailed examples. All you need is a tape measure - not bad for saving hundreds of pounds.

  • Architectural drawings: we check in with your local authority to see if there are any existing plans held in their records. This is an important (and often overlooked stage), as it also means we can see if you or any former owners have requested planning permission in the past. Again, we’ll ask you to review these measurements for us, so we can be 100% certain they’re correct.

Planning & Survey - From £900

This package has everything from design to planning, and also includes a measured survey. Ideal for homeowners who may not have pre-existing drawings of their home. We only work with pre-approved surveyors from across the UK, so you know you’re getting the best service for one set fee.

With all our packages, these are starting prices. We’ll discuss your home’s needs early on and make sure you know the costs from the outset - no hidden fees, or nasty surprises.

Whatever your plans, speak to us today and we’ll see what we can do for your home.

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