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How much do architects charge?

Looking for an architect to draw up some plans? Find out more about architect fees here and compare them with Resi's affordable packages.

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Whether you’re undertaking a loft conversion, rear extension or just a renovation, having an architect by your side can help maximise the potential of your project. Not only can they increase your chances of planning success, but they’ll also make sure you squeeze every ounce of space out of your project. However, when it comes to this wonder professional, how much should you budget?

With architecture, there are many different stages involved in to process, and they all have their own individual costs. This is important to remember, as many firms lure customers in with low starting fees, which they’ll then make up by upping costs towards the end of the project.

At Resi, we want to be as transparent as possible with our pricing, and to help you avoid being burned elsewhere, here’s what you need to know…

The cost of traditional architecture practices

When it comes to traditional architecture practices, the industry typically recommends you work out the cost of your architect based on a percentage of your total budget.

On average, a traditional practice will charge between 5% - 10%.

For example, let’s say you’re building a classic rear extension in London and it’s expected your project will cost around £75,000 overall. If you’re using a traditional practice, you’ll need to budget between £3750 and £7500 for your architect.

Now, if this is your first time remodelling a home, it can be difficult to work out these costs upfront. After all, what’s 10% of a budget you haven’t decided on yet?

At Resi, we recommend using a consultation service to get expert guidance early on. Our own team is always on hand to review your ideas in order to provide budgeting advice, books yours here.

Otherwise, you can use this guide to project budgeting.

What’s included in this price

So, what exactly does that 5-10% get you? For this amount of money, you should expect…

  • Existing drawings of your home as it stands today
  • Architectural drawings
  • A planning package
  • And technical drawings covering building regulations

You might also receive 3D models at this price, however, it’s unlikely that project management services will be covered.

If you're asking your architect to project manage and administer the project, expect to pay 10%-15% of the total contract sum in fees. Even if you're paying by the hour, expect fees to be in the range of £50 - £90, depending on what you’re asking them to do. These costs can quickly add up.

Learn more about project management.

What can affect prices?

Not all architecture practices are created equal and the cost of their services will be affected by…

  • Location (London comes at a premium)
  • Size of project
  • Complexity
  • The prestige attached to practice /demand

On this last point, it’s worth bearing in mind that if your architect has won a prestigious award (even for something outside of the residential sector) you can expect high-end prices. Likewise, if the architect involved has some level of famed attached you'll face inflated prices, and costs can even rise from your architect being part of RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects).

While at Resi, we're lucky to have RIBA architects on board, we also have a whole host of other architects from different backgrounds who have a proven track record delivering great everyday homes. When choosing your architecture practice, you'll get the best price when you put practical experience first, over glitz and glamour.

Transforming your home with Resi

At Resi, we tailor our service so you only pay for the things you need. So whether you’re looking for a light professional touch or you need expert guidance throughout, we’ve got you covered.

Resi is unique in that we not only specialise in architectural work, we provide everything a homeowner could need to unlock their property’s potential. This includes…

Measured Surveys

Whether you need a measured survey is one the most important questions you could ask your architect.

This vital step will involve Resi surveyors visiting your property to record the existing measurements of your home. They’ll also take a range of photographs so that our designers can fully visualise your space. Once this has been completed, those measurements are then turned into a set of existing drawings. Depending on the type of development you are carrying out, these can include floor plans, elevations, a section, site plan, and roof plan - all required by both our designers and your local planning authority.

Unlike other practices, we also provide a remote-option, for homeowners who are looking to cut costs or avoid home visits.

Learn more about measured surveys and our new remote service.

Proposed Design

Proposed design is a vital step in your home improvement journey. It’s where you and your designer set out what you want your project to look like. This includes envisioning your future layout, exteriors, and the amount of glazing you wish to include.

These designs focus on the aesthetics of your household, and are used within the planning stage to get approval from your local authority, should this be required.

Learn more about proposed design.


During planning we’ll help you apply for one of two things: planning permission or a lawful development certificate.

A lawful development certificate is recommended if your project comes under your permitted development rights. It’s proof to both your local authority and future buyers that your build was legal at the point of construction.

If your project doesn’t come under permitted development rights, you are legally required to obtain planning permission, whereby your local authority will assess your proposed design.

In both scenarios, we’ll help put together a planning package that includes: your existing drawings, proposed designs, plus the verifying information required by your planning authority. Applications typically take 8 weeks to reach a decision. During this time, our planning agents will liaise with the council on your behalf, ensuring you have the best chance of first time approval.

Learn more about our planning support.

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Building Regulations

Once you’ve secured planning permission, the next step is to consider a building regulations package. This not only allows you to gain project approval from building control, but will help contractors provide accurate quotes and a better standard of build.

At Resi, we can take the drawings used for your planning applications to put your building regulations package together. We not only provide in-detail technical drawings, but will help advise on the steps you need to take to get yourself ready for construction. This includes vetting the other experts you'll need for this stage, such as a structural engineer or a party wall surveyor.

Find out about our Building Regulations package here.

New Builds

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Grand Designs or Amazing Spaces, you’ll no doubt be aware of all the hard work that goes into building a home from scratch. This is why, at Resi, we’ve brought together everything a homeowner could need under one roof.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a first-timer looking to create their dream home, we’ll customise our package so you can start realising those big ideas sooner, rather than later.

Find out about our New Builds package here.


Connect is a complimentary service where our team will source the best builders and other specialists in your area - ensuring you stay in safe hands throughout your journey.

When it comes to appointing your contractors, we’ll be there by your side, offering expert advice as well as providing a list of vetted options near you. We’ll help you evaluate quotes and prepare you for the upcoming build.

Learn more about Connect.

Funding your project with Resi Finance

Resi is more than just an architectural service.

By working with us, you’ll have access to our unique Finance service, which allows us to nail down your budget early on and help you to secure the best funding.

As official partners to the Mortgage Advice Bureau, our Finance service is able to source the best lenders and rates for your project, working with your designers to ensure you get the right amount of funding at the right time.

Learn more about Resi Finance or talk to our team to get a tailored quote for your project.

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