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Soak up more sun with a garden room

Wondering how you can further enjoy the sun, while at home? A garden room can be the perfect solution to soak up more sun.

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Summer is finally on the horizon and in the presence of warmer weather we’re now all feeling a little more reflective of how we enjoy our homes through the seasons. For those fortunate enough to have a garden, this is a part of the home that gets special attention throughout the warmer months. Naturally, this might lead us to think of the potential our gardens have.

One of the most popular new home and garden trends is the addition of a garden room. A garden room is a solid, livable structure that’s separate from the main property but sits within the property’s boundaries. As we’ll explore, summer rooms aren’t just for summer and there are plenty of benefits they can provide you with.

Garden rooms for any season

Garden rooms are typically thought of as home offices for use in summer months. But, as property experts Zoopla explore in this piece, they’re only as simple or sophisticated as you want them to be. If a log cabin structure is all you desire, it’s fairly easy to build – particularly for the DIY-savvy among us. However, if you’re looking for an all-weather escape from the main part of your house that’s accessible for any season, that’s also possible.

Designed and built correctly, you can opt for a garden room with the same insulation and ventilation as a home so that you can use it in any season. Ideally, you’ll want a garden room that’s well-ventilated enough that whatever you’re using it for, it’s not too warm or stuffy (not to mention built to be preventative of damp). This will be particularly important if you’re looking to use it for work or exercise. And of course, insulation will be one of the keys to using the room for any purpose throughout chilly months – offering a great respite and sense of privacy from the rest of your property that you can enjoy year-round. Read more about the equal importance of ventilation and insulation in this article.

Add value with a garden room

According to recent findings from our research into what makes a Happy Home, having a garden room as opposed to simply having a garden makes a minimal difference towards our wellbeing. However, the importance of having a garden became clear when we asked people if they were given £10,000 which part of the home they’d most likely dedicate it to – second to kitchen, most people said their gardens. So, if you’re in a position where you have the budget and space for a garden room, it could be a great boost for your wellbeing to regularly venture outside.

And, in financial terms, because a garden room adds additional space to your home, it’ll also add value to your property. This is a great plus if you’re looking to sell in the one day or if you’re hoping to offer some security to family members who may move into your home in the future. There’s no one-size-fits-all added value when it comes to garden rooms (because you have to offset cost of materials, specific fittings and labour with the physical space), but property and renovation experts are in agreement that it will elevate the price of your property.

A garden room with minimal disruption

Garden rooms tend to cause minimal disruption compared to a number of extension or renovation types. This is partly because any construction happens separately from the main property and, as such, there is less noise and mess involved in gaining your extra space. This can also be a huge money-saving benefit in comparison with some other space-enhancing options because some (such as wraparound extensions) can cause quite an upheaval and many people end up vacating their homes and renting while the works are going on.

Another benefit of garden rooms is that they tend to not require planning permission because they’re classed as an outbuilding. The majority of the time, getting a garden room installed will fall under Permitted Development rights but there are a few limitations to this depending on the size of your proposed build, whether it’s in a Conservation Area or your home is a listed building.

You can also opt for prefabricated (or ‘modular’) rooms that are built off-site and simply transported into your property’s grounds at a time that suits you. This means that, should all go to plan, you’ll only have the disruption of it being put in place once. If you’re someone who works at home or has small children to look after, this can be a brilliant way of adding additional space to your property without disturbing your all-important routines.

To find out more about garden rooms and see if your home is suitable for one, book a free advice call with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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