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Who are Resi?

Resi is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional architect. Kitchen extensions, loft conversions and bathroom refurbs: we make it easy to remodel your home.

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We’re the UK's leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners. Since opening our doors in 2017, we’ve helped transform over 1500 properties nationwide - and counting!

Whether you’re taking on an extension, conversion, or simple renovation, our unique service enables you to manage your whole project from the comfort of your own home.

How Resi started...

In 2016, our co-founder, Alex, wanted to add a simple side return extension to her home. Three months later, she found herself £2,500 lighter with nothing on paper.

Thousands of homeowners and developers all over the UK are facing this same struggle. Having never used an architect before, they are left baffled by confusing prices and processes that seem to yield little or no result. Because of this, some choose to avoid architects altogether, leaving them vulnerable to cowboy design and build companies.

Seeing an opportunity to change things, Alex enlisted her trusted business partner, Jules, to help come up with a solution. Together, these two leading entrepreneurs envisioned a new way of doing things. A platform that would open up affordable, fast, high-quality architectural services for every UK home.

They put this new idea to Alex’s new team of architects, Nick and Rich, who both jumped at the chance to shake up the industry. Combining their expertise, our founders created Resi - an architectural practice designed for everyday homeowners.

No more confusing jargon. No hidden fees. No more delays.

It’s Resi’s belief that everyone deserves to make their house a home - to create their happy space. What our founders started, our ever-growing team helps expand. So that day by day, we get one step closer to our goal of creating happy spaces nationwide!

What Resi provides

Thanks to Resi’s all-encompassing service, there’s never been an easier way to get your home ready for construction.

Though we started as an architecture practice, we’ve now expanded to help you during each step of the journey. Our packages include…

This last service we call Connect, which introduces you to vetted contractors in your area. We vet contractors by assessing them against a range of criteria amongst which are: whether or not they are Trustmark or FMB affiliated, whether they have the relevant insurances in place; an assessment of their past work; meeting minimum financial standards; and finally, references from both previous customers and trade.
For example, during building regulations, when you need a structural engineer or CCTV surveyor, we’ll provide a list of options for you to choose from. While Resi only introduce clients to vetted contractors, the relationship with the contractor from then on is the client's choice and responsibility and Resi does not accept liability for the quality or the timely progress of the contractor's work, nor for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from the contractor's actions or omissions.

Say hello to the future

How can we offer so much across the UK? It’s all thanks to our Dashboard, an online platform we built to help make the process of home alteration as simple as possible.

Here are just some of its features…

  • Project progress updates
  • Screen-sharing calls
  • Planning updates
  • Finance enquiry
  • Transparent financial management
  • Files & uploads management
  • Instant messenger
  • Find suppliers for your project
  • Invite a collaborator
  • Manage multiple projects easily

You can experience our Dashboard for yourself. Simply sign-up and log yourself into our site to create a brief for your project!

Resi Dashboard in Cafe

Free consultations

Unlike other architecture practices, who can charge up to £150 for the service, our consultations are completely free!

That’s because we want to ensure all homeowners have the advice they need to make the best decisions for their property. If you’re curious about what hidden home potential you could unlock, why not book some time in with our experts?

During your session, we can discuss…

  • Budget
  • Timings
  • Planning
  • Professionals required
  • Potential hurdles
  • Design ideas

Plus anything else you might be curious. Go on, why not try us out for yourself?

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