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Modern farmhouse and country kitchen ideas

Wondering how a modern farmhouse and country design could look in your kitchen? Read on to discover ideas, and start transforming your home.

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Whether you live in the suburbs, city centre or in the countryside, recreate a modern farmhouse kitchen at home. If you’re not yet ready to delve in and commit to changing your interior design entirely, try out our new AI Scrapbook tool to see how the style could look in your home. Want to learn more about what makes a modern farmhouse kitchen? Read on to see if it could be for you.

What is a modern farmhouse kitchen?

A modern farmhouse kitchen – sometimes referred to as a ‘country kitchen’ – adopts aspects or entire design ideas derived from old-style countryside kitchens. They’re made to blend a homely, cosy feel with a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. They’ve become more popular in recent years, particularly in crowded city centres where a sense of laid-back country living and rustic style may be more challenging to achieve.

What to expect in a modern farmhouse or country kitchen:

Typical features of a modern farmhouse design:

  • Natural materials.
  • Subtle, natural tones.
  • Open cabinet displays.
  • High end appliances.

How to use each of these design features to create a modern farmhouse kitchen:

  • Natural materials like stone, wood, marble and slate. There are a number of ways to incorporate these into your kitchen from splashback surfaces behind your oven to terracotta tiles and marble countertops.
  • Subtle, natural tones like whites, beiges, creams and beige make the perfect base for recreating a modern farmhouse kitchen. This is because they’re calming, neutral colours that create soothing environments for you to unwind in – great if you’re hoping to curate a peaceful family atmosphere.
  • Another way of creating a country feel in the comfort of your own kitchen is to abandon some cabinet doors and replace them with small, decorative fabric curtains. For ultra-country vibes, opt for a textured linen or a playful gingham print.
  • Modern farmhouse kitchens often creatively blend country kitchen touches like cupboard curtains, natural furnishings and exposed stone walls with cutting-edge appliances to maintain a contemporary feel. This can include powerful extractor fans that introduce a dynamic edge to the kitchen design as well as serving the dual purpose of ventilating the kitchen and keeping moisture from damaging natural materials like wood.

Modern farmhouse kitchen inspiration

Using our free AI Scrapbook tool, we’ve taken real Resi projects and transformed them into a modern farmhouse kitchen style. If you’d like to try out the tool and see how your space could be transformed into a country kitchen or a range of different interior designs, click here to get inspired.

From this:
A sleek open-plan kitchen in Runnymede, designed by Resi
To this:
Our scrapbook AI tool has transformed a real Resi customer’s home into a modern farmhouse design with beautiful wooden beams while retaining modern touches
From this:
Sleek cabinets, spacious pantry shelves and unique appliances at a completed project in Merton
To this:
A Resi design transformed into a modern farmhouse style with homely natural materials and subtle tones

Upload photos of your own home and test out how they could look in a range of different interior design styles with our AI Scrapbook tool today.

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